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The five best 3D Touch iPhone shooters

Apple 3D touch has introduced its line of smartphones since the iPhone 6s, which should make it much more convenient to interact with the phones. It can be helpful for regular applications, of course, but 3D touch could provide an excellent experience, particularly with games. Surprisingly, to make their games more immersive, many developers still don’t use the technology. However, you’re in the correct location with these five shots when you need tension again, but with a 3D touch.

40,000 Warhammer: Freeblade

In Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade a youthful imperial knight faces death and death, and together with the Dark Angels Space Marines, he chooses to battle this as Freeblade. You can fight for glory, honor, and revenge in more than 170 missions, and you do that with 3D Touch, of course. To zoom in with your weapon on your enemies, click the button and zoom even harder. If you decrease your finger pressure, you’ll go back to normal mode and you can choose to click a little harder on your screen than to go for a stronger weapon and do your enemy’s brief job.

Modern Combat 5

3D Touch is eagerly used in Modern Combat 5. You can play and use the different multiplayer choices on your own. When you exert some pressure, you use the 3D touch to shoot. This allows you to wander around readily and aim for irritating intruders and press harder to fire your weapon on the screen. You never have to remove your finger from the screen that way. You can also use Modern Combat Versus 3D Touch, by the manner.

Into the Dead

Into the Dead brings zombies to life for you and you must bring everything to survive in this zombie apocalypse. Although the objective is to survive at all times, there are distinct task sets to finish and you can play with strong guns of all types. You use 3D touch to be able to run extra quickly when you press your button a little harder.

Survivor Generous

Survivor Royale, Survival Rules and Knives Out are all the same game, strangely enough, but they are always slightly distinct. They were also made by the same developer and we forgive him this time for the spam on the App Store as the games are still fun to play. You will be dropped on a big card with up to 99 other individuals. Your first objective is to get a gun so you can eventually call yourself the last survivor. Your survival trip during shooting is somewhat facilitated by 3D contact.

Guns of Boom

The design style appears to take stuff a little less seriously in Guns of Boom, but nothing is less true. You can choose from no less than 48 guns and then do your job in an unconventional military. No one tells you what to do, but you are responsible for whom you want to fight. All you have to do is get your enemy in your sight and the unfortunate soul will be handled automatically by your weapon. You can target even better with 3D touch, so your enemies really don’t have an opportunity.

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