Aqua tru countertop water filtration purification system

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Aqua tru countertop water filtration purification system

Aqua tru countertop water filtration purification system: Water filters by AQUATRU have always been revolutionary water purifiers. Many water filters are available in the market with the best performance. But one thing that creates a difference is that all water filters are not designed the same way.

So many of the system actually says that it has the best filtration system, but with AQUA TRU you are expected and guaranteed to get water fully purified. They are very consistent with the quality of the water purifier that they provide. AQUA TRU uses ultra-Reverse osmosis technology, which purifies the water in 4 stages. 

They are also certified that meets the requirements of NSF and IAPMO. Their water filters are dedicated to removing 83 contaminants, including chlorine, lead, arsenic, heavy metals, fluoride, nitrate PFOS, and all the other types. 

What benefits will you get from this filtration system? 

There are many harmful contaminants in your water which may include Toxins, Microplastics. There are also other toxins such as Carcinogens which are cancer-related contaminants and they are very harmful to our body. All these contaminants come with tap water and other water sources. So this countertop water filter is able to purify and destroy all the pollutant s and germs that are associated with your water. 

Other than that, the Countertop water filter meets the standard of NSF and ANSI, which proves that it is able to remove contaminants 15 times better than other filters. You can enjoy all these benefits as this filter is very reasonable and budget-friendly. You are sure to get a better taste of water from this AQUA TRU RO filtration system

Another beneficial fact about this system is that it is effortless to set it up. There is no additional requirement for plumbing or installation. It just takes few minutes to set and up and run the system. This water filter is able to save the environment by replacing 4500 plastics with one set of filters. The water purifier is very durable, and also the filters that are provided are also very long-lasting. 

Features that AQUA TRU provides

The Countertop water filtration system by AQUA TRU has a good set of features. It has some additional functions which other filters don’t have. That is why it is enlisted as one of their best filters in the market. 

Very durable filters and budget-friendly 

When it comes to budget, the AQUA TRU provides filters at a very less price. The filters are very compact and durable, and they can hold from 600 up to 1200 gallons. The filters are also very long-lasting. They can last anywhere between 6 months and as long as two years. So there’s no need for bottled water to gain pure water trust and no hassle for changing filters.  

The pure taste of water 

This filter assures you to provide water of the best taste. It will be the best water which you will ever taste. The R.O. water filtration system of AQUA TRU countertop water filters removes all types of contaminants virtually. This multi-stage filtration system destroys any kind of odor or impure substance, and thus you can get crisp and clean water that tastes delicious. 

No additional plumbing is required for installation. 

Most of the water filters available in the market have a complex process of installation. They are of excess weight, and also the process of setting them up is also complex. But when it comes to this Countertop water filter, the amazing fact is that there is no plumbing required to set this thing up. You can complete the installation of this water filter by yourself within a few minutes. 

Maintains standard of NSF 

There is a proper certification that is necessary to obtain for gaining the trust of customers. Among them, NSF is a very important requirement. Having an NSF certification for a water purifier is important as it proves that it is able to kill all of the pollutants. Most of the water filters don’t take it seriously. The AQUA TRU Countertop water filter is NSF certified, and it can remove 83 contaminants which include harmful corrodes such as lead, chlorine, PSF, and many more. 

Environmental friendly and no extra cost

A single set of a filter can carry out the job of 4500 plastic water bottles. So this system is also environmentally friendly, and the filter set is also cheap. 


Alert system for changing filter 

This is an amazing feature for this filter. Having an alert system is necessary as it helps to determine the status of the filer. If it gets damaged, then the alert system will let you know. 

Incredible structure 

The design of this filter is unique. The design is sleek, and it looks and fits great in any corner of the kitchen. The body is solid and durable for a long time too. It contains a Dispensing tank which is removable. A dispensing button and also a digital display from which you can control the whole thing. 

No plumbing or additional installation is required. What is our opinion? 

Our team constantly tests the product with its maximum capabilities. For this filter, it is justified that it can perform really well. We have comparatively observed that the change of water starting from taste to its quality is actually amazing. The four-stage RO AQUA TRU filtration system changes the form factor of water and makes it taste better and also pollutant-free. Also, our team also checked the durability of the product, and after a long term, we observed that the filter looks as news as earlier. The price is also very budget-friendly, and also the filter needs not be changed frequently. So this Aqua tru countertop water filtration purification system is highly suggested. 

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