Top 9 best brand of water filter in the world

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best brand of water filter

Whenever it comes to choosing any kind of product, it definitely depends on the service of the product. Because with providing pleasant services any brand turns famous. In other words, an organization’s longevity depends on its brand value and goodwill. I believe for some purposes choosing the best brand is not just an option but an essential; such as a water filter system. Thus, I am here today with the best brand of water filter systems out there.

Why will you believe us?

This a common question in every consumer’s mind. Why would anyone choose any product based on our reviews? This is because our reviews are based on experience. Firstly, our team spent 24 hours in the market to screen the market leaders. Secondly, they created a database of the users of those products. Lastly and most importantly, they went to the users and gathered their experience about the product. After the lengthy process of selection and examination, we listed the top 9 brands. We have not only focused on the users’ experience, but also budget, filtering method, and maintenance while making this list. I hope you will find a suitable brand for yourself after going through this piece of work. Besides, as our reviews are solely based on customer’s experience they are honest and transparent. 

How to Choose the Right Water Filter

As there are so many models it may be hard to choose the correct water filter for your home and for any place too. As the filtration system for each model is different, so the level of filtration is also different. It is necessary to remove contaminants from water for drinking, cooking, and showering. As there are many ways for your water to get polluted from industrial sites, factory farms, city waste, and many more. So in order to get rid of lead, arsenic, pathogens, fluoride, and radioactive materials, it is necessary to choose the right filter to eliminate all the contaminants and harmful metals.

9 Top-Rated best brand of water filter Reviews in 2020

From then until now, the Businessman is developing or launching many types of water filters in the market. However, there are the best then better in the market. In this regard, now we are going to write some reviews on the  Top-Rated best brand of water filter Reviews

I hope that it will help you with a clear idea to select the best water filter in the market

1. ispring water filter review

It has been more than two decades and iSpring water goods dominate the market with the most trusted water filtering systems. One of the main reasons for starting with this brand is because they are the best manufacturer of water solutions for both domestic and commercial usage. They have a wide range of products; namely, Whole house water filters, Reverse Osmosis water filters, Faucet filters, and countertop filters. Among all these systems, under-sink water filters of iSpring have remarkable performance.  Although they have a lot of products, the best I would suggest is iSpring RCC7AK. As the filter has a reverse osmosis membrane, it can filter all the pollutants. Thus, it is safe to use the filter. Besides, it is cheaper than other reverse osmosis options. However, if you are considering buying an under-sink water filter, there are reviews of many more products on our home page.


Check All Products of Ispring

2. APEC Water Systems

If you are looking for the best reverse osmosis system solution, then look no further this is your brand. As the company is USA based, all of the manufacturing takes place in USA. Besides there twenty years of experience is another reason for their popularity and reliability. Although the company I US based, in twenty years it has acquired global popularity. As the company has worldwide popularity, they produce water solutions for residential, commercial and industrial usage. Thus, they claim to have the most versatile range of products.

APEC Water Systems produce the following range of products:

  1. Reverse Osmosis Water System (commercial and residential)
  2. Water filtration system
  3. Salt-free water conditioner
  4. Whole house water filter
  5. Faucet filter
  6. UV water disinfector

Except for the above-mentioned products, APEC also produces water pressure booster, water quality testing kit, pitchers and water filter pitcher, water cooler/heater, shower and bath filter, and car wash system. However, if you are still confused about which brand or type to pick just visit our website.


Check All Products of APEC Water


3. Express Water

One of the most common reasons why we avoid buying a water filter is heavy maintenance. We chose to buy a bottled water case after case even though we know that it is harmful. However, a great solution to the problem is countertop filters. Although it is a great solution to the maintenance problem, we often have a doubt in our mind when we use countertops. Luckily, Express Water entered the market with this solution. Even though they produce various kinds of filters for residential use, their counter-top filters give them a competitive edge. As we all know another major trouble with counter-top filters is deterioration in pressure level, Express water thrives in that segment. Empirical surveys and numerous reviews give the same information that Express Water Counter-top filters are easy to use with impressive water pressure.  Besides counter-tops Express Water also produces the following products:

  1. RO system filters
  2. Whole house water filters
  3. Fittings accessories
  4. Storage casings

However, if you want to pick a counter-top filter of any other brand, please visit our website. Our website contains honest reviews and recommendations on best counter top water filter of various brands. Go through those and choose the one that fits your budget.


Check All Products of Express Water


4. Aquasana

Aquasana is a brand that does not only think about our health but also the health of the environment. As their core belief is a healthy environment and healthy life is interrelated, they try to produce everything that is environment-friendly. Although the process sometimes leads to expensive products, the products are extremely reliable as well. NSF certifies the brand to diminish 77 common water pollutants. Besides, they keep on innovating new designs and technology in order to make the filtration system easier.

The competitive edge of the brand its whole house water filters. Their excellent capacity makes them suitable for this segment. Moreover, if you calculate, you will realize that Aquasana provides the cheapest gallons out there. If you check on our website, you’ll see a mathematical illustration I have uploaded before. The other popular products of Aquasana are as follows:

  1. Drinking water filters
  2. Salt-free water conditioners
  3. Shower filters
  4. Foodservice water filtration
  5. Replacements

Although, Aquasana is famous for whole house water filters if you think of checking other brands check our website. Our website contains detailed and honest reviews for the best whole house water filter. Hopefully, you will find the perfect choice.

Check All Products of Aquasana

5. PUR

Originally, the brand is a concern of the company Helen of Troy. With keeping the changing technology in mind, the brand always designs trendy and convenient filters. Besides, all the models are extremely affordable. If you are looking for a faucet filter, this brand is your preference. Generally, faucet filters are used in the kitchens. Thus, there is always tension in whether the faucet will go with the kitchen. However, PUR does not only manufacture convenient designs but also stylish designs. Hence you will don’t have to worry about it. They have experience of thirty years thus you can easily trust. The other products that the brand has are:

  1. Pitchers
  2. Dispensers
  3. Refrigerator filters

However, many other manufacturers have faucet filters. Even though PUR is favorable for faucet filters, you can check our website for reviews of the best tap water filter of other recommended brands. Among several options, it will be easier for you to pick the one you like according to your budget.

Check All Products of PUR

6. Brita

If you are looking for portable water pitchers, look no further. Undoubtedly, Brita is the best possible brand for a pitcher water filter. With forty years of experience, the core goal of the brand was to create sustainability. As the increasing number of plastic use is a great challenge to save our environment, the usage of plastic bottles is the prime reason behind it. Luckily, Brita filters are a great solution to it. To illustrate, studies show that it requires 1800 bottles to meet the yearly need of a bottle. However, only two long-lasting Brita water pitcher filters are enough for a year.

Thus there is a lot less consumption of plastic, besides the solution is budget-friendly.

The other products that the brand offers are:

  1. Bottles
  2. Faucet filters
  3. Replacement filters

Although I believe everyone should have freedom of choice. Thus even though Brita is best for pitchers, feel free to read our reviews on pitcher filters. Our team did rigorous research and survey to collect all the feedback. Hence, you can rely on our reviews.

Check All Products of Brita


7. Home master

Undoubtedly, this is a brand that you can trust. If you are looking for something that will not cut down the water pressure but will provide the best water, look no further, because, Home Master is your brand. Their commitment to providing the best has brought them this far. Surprisingly, within a very short time, they have become a leading brand in the market. As Home Master was inaugurated at the year of 2002, thriving technology was always their edge. However, they manage to provide impressive technology at an affordable price.

Although most of their products are market toppers, their under-sink water filters are remarkable.

Firstly, the designs of these filters are so sophisticated they look good in any ambiance. Secondly, they manage to provide the highest possible water pressure. Lastly, their rigorous technology makes them suitable for hard or well water.

Besides their under-sink water filters, they produce a wide range of other products. These are:

  1. Sink-top systems
  2. Faucet filters
  3. Whole house systems
  4. Garden and Hydroponic
  5. Replacement filters

Do not forget to check our website to explore other options for under the sink, or other product of Home Master! We believe, the correct information can help you choose the product that is ideal for you. Thus, we try our best to provide the most honest reviews of the best iron filter for well water

Check All Products of Home master

8. CuZn  Water Systems

This is another brand that you should consider if you are looking for environment-friendly. Undoubtedly their innovative designs give them the market edge. One of the prime reasons behind their popularity is the affordability of their products. However, this brand does not have any particular side of expertise. Almost all of their products are popular and trustworthy. Besides the greatest thing about their products is their size. One more thing that is remarkable about this brand is their customer service. The wide range of products this brand produce are:


  1. Whole house water filters
  2. Kitchen, bath, and shower water filters
  3. Garden water filters
  4. Pool and Spa treatment
  5. Replacement cartridges

Do not forget to check our website to explore other options for the best under sink water filter, or other product of Home Master! We believe, the correct information can help you choose the product that is ideal for you. the following brand is our last number of the best brand of water filter.

Check All Products of CuZn Water

9. Brondell

If you are looking for something easy to use, this is your brand. Brondell filters thrive at the market for their convenience and customer satisfaction. Commonly, their counter-top filters are popular across the market. For residential use, this brand is undoubtedly the best. However, if you have a big family it is better to go for a solution that lasts longer on average. The remarkable products of the brand are as follows:

  1. Under sink water filters
  2. RO water filters
  3. Faucet water filters
  4. Water filter accessories


Check All Products of Brondell

Everything you need to know about a water filter:

We often think if we pick a good brand we do not have to worry anymore. Certainly a good brand reduces some tensions, but it does not sort out everything. There still remain several things to worry about. However, we are here to guide you through things to reduce your work. 

What type of filter you should look for?

This is the first thing you should worry about while picking a filter for yourself. There are various types of filters starting from pitcher to the whole house. Although all these options might confuse you, you should pick something that is suitable for you. I am quite sure you are wondering how you will know which one will suit you. Well do not worry, we have another entire article about types of a water filter. Check the link

What does your filter clean?

Another essential question you will need to ask yourself is what your filter will clean from your water. Even filters are designed to purify water, all filters cannot purify the contaminants that are present in your water. Although there is nothing to worry about, all you need to do is a simple water test. Just get your water tested, know what are the contaminants that are present in your water, and find a filter that will be able to purify the germs present in your water. I assure you this is a step you should not skip because skipping this step can cause great troubles. 

How easy or hard it is to maintain your filter?

A very common reason people refrain from buying filters is its maintenance. Although it is true that some of the filters need heavy maintenance, not all the filters are the same. We understand that people are getting busier every day. Simultaneously, we are inventing things that are becoming easier to use. Thus, go through reviews before purchasing a single product. Make sure its maintenance will not take your entire day. Moreover, never go for filters that need frequent replacements. Frequent replacements will increase your costs. Besides whatever model you pick, whether it needs frequent replacement or not, always make sure they are available in the market.


I hope by now you know all about the great brands of water filters and things you need to know about them. Thus if you are sure about which type of filter to pick, do visit our website! It contains reviews about filters of all kinds. Besides, all the reviews are based on customer experience. Hence they are real and trustworthy. I think our team’s handwork of long research and insight about water filters will help you to find the product you are looking for. 

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