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Countertop filters are a popular choice. Because these are not only convenient but also ensures the purity of water. Besides, many countertop filters alkalize water. If you are looking for something, that’s easy to use and cleans your water, Countertop water filters are what you should consider.  Our team did comprehensive research and picked the best countertop water filter available in the market. We reviewed them and wrote a detailed article. At first, we have given the reviews of the countertop filters available with the best water purifiers in the market. Next, we have given a guideline about how to choose your ideal countertop filter. We are hopeful, our team’s research & editors’ guidelines will solve your dilemma regarding countertop filters.

Best countertop water filter

8  Top-Rated Best countertop water filter Reviews in 2019

From then until now, the Businessman is developing or launching many types of water filters in the market. However, there are the best then better in the market. In this regard, now we are going to write some reviews on the Top 8 Best countertop water filter in the Market

I hope that it will help you with a clear idea to select the best countertop water filter in the market.

01. Countertop Drinking Water Filter ( by apex)

Looking for something cost-effective and environmentally responsible? Undoubtedly, APEX MR-1050 is your ideal solution. As a Counter-top water filter, APEX MR-1050 does not only ensure convenience more than a whole house filter but also ensures affordability. Again, having an easy solution for pure water at home prevents you from buying plastic bottles of mineral water. Hence, you will contribute to the environment. Most importantly, APEX MR-1050 serves its purpose at its best. It does not only remove pollutants from the water, but also increases the alkalinity of it by adding minerals (Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium) to it.


  • Firstly, an amazing design that fits with residential faucets
  • Secondly, the filtration process involving multi-stages
  • Eliminates unwanted tastes and odors
  • Easy to install and use (low maintenance)
  • Has a capacity to filter 750 gallons (6-8 months for a family of four)
  • Finally, NSF/FDA certified
  • No expenses are needed for installation
  • Offers the entire package of the necessary hardware for installation
  • Unlike, other counter-top filters, APEX MR-1050 does not require frequent replacements of short period
  • Finally, it’s made in the U.S.A
  • No downturn at this moment.

02. Countertop water filtration system (white color)

Believe it or not, Home Master Jr. F2 is a wonderful creation that is suitable for any sink-top. Surprisingly, this compact counter-top water filter has multiple filtering stages. At first, the activated alumina makes the water fluoride and arsenic-free up to 93%. Next, the Coconut Shell Carbon extracts the VOCs, TOCs, and many other chemicals present in water. Finally, the 5-micron compression disk filters the sediment up to 5 microns. It is not only compact but also well designed. Hence, your kitchen décor will remain unaffected. Moreover, it is super easy to install and it is portable as well.


  • First, filters 93% of fluoride
  • Next, Space-saving and good looking design
  • Super easy installation
  • Finally, portable
  • Channel blocker filtration
  • Extracts 98% of VOCs and TOCs
  • Ensures soft water
  • It has a small capacity that lasts for 3 months or 500 gallons.

03. New wave enviro 10 stage water filter system

You might think, filter water at home, whenever you want, may cost you a fortune. However, believe it or not, the New Enviro 10 stage plus water filter brings you healthy water just for 8 cents per gallon. Firstly, the unique diverter valve gives you the liberty to choose when the tap shall provide filtered water. Hence, a single drop of filter water isn’t wasted. Next, this compact filter purifies a large number of pollutants. Moreover, it can easily serve a family of four for a year. Last but not least, the countertop is good-looking. Hence, it increases the beauty of your kitchen.


  • Compact design (Dimension of 5.3X4.5X12)
  • Provides great tasting water
  • Filters organic and inorganic arsenic
  • Most importantly, the cartridge has great filtering procedure
  • Extremely affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Only appropriate for cold water
  • Does not filter fluoride

04. Sinktop Water Filtration System

Are you looking for 100% natural? Undoubtedly, KOR Waterfall includes all the will be your first pick. You might ask why it is natural. Because KOR waterfall compiles all-natural coconut filters into one stylish counter-top filter. This counter-top filter is not only budget-friendly but also impressive-looking. Although it is known as a counter-top, it serves as a pitcher as well. As it is portable, its only suitable place is not the kitchen countertop. It is so good-looking that you can place it on your dining table in front of your guests. Moreover, the product gives you a lifetime warranty.


  • Offers a coconut filter and a waterfall stand
  • Offers 2 amazing glass carafes including caps
  • Filters 80 gallons of water
  • Extremely affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Only appropriate for cold water
  • Does not filter fluoride

05. Best countertop water filter pitcher

If you are looking for something that will not take much space of your sink top, at the same time that will provide pure water on demand, then AQ-4000 is your best pick. Generally, installing any filter can be a great matter of stress. However, AQ-4000 is different when it comes to this. The super handy countertop does not require any expert’s attention. Fortunately, you can install it and use it without any trouble. Most importantly, this compact filter can filter various harmful pollutants (Chlorine, Chloramine, Herbicides, Pesticides, VOCs, PFOA, PFOS, Estrone, and Ibuprofen). The filter casings purify 450 gallons, which can serve for 6 months. Thus, per gallon costs only 13 cents.


  • Removes lead (NSF certified)
  • Eliminates 97% of Chlorine and extracts up to 76 pollutants
  • Zero wastewater
  • A plumber is not needed
  • Extremely portable
  • Preserves water’s calcium, potassium, and magnesium
  • Most importantly, a limited warranty of 1year
  • Replacement cartridges are as expensive as the new ones

06. Aquasana countertop water filter

Often, the alkalinity of water is a big concern for us those who purchase filers. Although the Zen water Systems Counter-top system brings us a unique combination. It does not only ensure the alkalinity of our water but also mineralizes and preserves our water. It does its first and most important job, which is filtering and purifying. Therefore, the Zen Water Systems Counter-top filter serves five various functions: filtering, purifying, mineralizing, alkalinizing, and preserving. Undoubtedly, this is very much suitable for our homes, dorms, and offices, with its high capacity and convenience. The filter removes all the harmful pollutants in the most natural methods. Moreover, it preserves the essential minerals and delivers water as fresh as spring water.


  • Filters 500 gallons
  • The top tank has a capacity of 2 gallons and the bottom 4
  • Comes in a cylindrical shape
  • Options are available on the capacity of tanks
  • A perfect combo of five functions
  • Most importantly, does not occupy any faucet
  • Simple methodology
  • Made of materials that are BPA free
  • Sadly, the structure is made of plastic
  • Has no certification

07. zen water systems countertop filtration

If you are looking for something extremely stylish but at the same time easy to use, then undoubtedly, Comfee Counter-top mini cooler is your ultimate choice. Firstly, the dispenser offers two types of purification. They are Carbon filters and PP, hence the pollutants are reduced and you get water with better taste without any odors. Next, the temperature setting allows you to enjoy cold water at any hour of any day. Most importantly, it is certified by UL. Moreover, it includes a reminder that will notify you when to change.


  • Good-looking
  • Fresh cold water dispenser
  • Inbuilt reminder
  • Offers two types of purification
  • Suits with exclusive kitchen decors
  • Installation is easy
  • Expensive compared to features
  • No arrangement for hot or normal temperature water

08. Best countertop bottle-less water cooler with filter

To begin with, the counter-top dispenser comes in a stainless body. It is not only a water dispenser but also an efficient water filtration system. Unbelievable, but true, this filter can serve an accommodation of fifteen. Moreover, it has the capacity to hold 1500 gallons at a time. Besides, the faucets are of unique designs, which make it suitable for households with children. Furthermore, the installation kit comes with all the necessary stuff that you will require.


  • Stainless steel formation
  • You can choose whether you want the filtration or not
  • Color option
  • Uses recent technology
  • Expensive

Is a countertop water filter right for me?

The main job of a countertop water filter is to increase the taste of water. So in case you are a fan of high quality and tasty water then a countertop water filter may be the right choice for you. Moreover, when it comes to cost a countertop water filter is more convenient and an alternative to bottle water if you buy it in bulk. The contaminants and the chemicals such as chlorine and copper make the taste of water very unpleasant. So a countertop water filter can filtrate out all sorts of intoxicants and purify water providing a better taste quality.

Things to know before buying a counter-top filter:

Unfortunately, every product that has ever been marketed, claims to be the best in the market. The situation becomes more frustrating when there are many options available in the market. Hence, when it comes to picking up the best Countertop water filter, the situation might get blurry or confusing. Thereby, I am here to help you out as always! I hope, a tour through my descriptive buying guide will help you to pick your best option.

Types of Counter-top filters:

Generally, the best countertop water filter is divided into two categories. Each category has its pros and cons. The categories are water filter pitcher and faucet water filter. Generalizing from the names, you can guess that pitchers are not fixed with a tap, while faucet filters are designed to fix with a tap.

countertop fucates and pitcher filter

Although, I would say a pitcher is more suitable for offices rather than a household because you must refill your pitcher filter from time to time. This might cause a great disruption to your other household chores. On the other hand, a faucet filter remains fixed with the original line. Hence, you don’t have to worry that the water might be over. However, the periodical maintenance of a faucet filter might be a bit difficult.


Without any doubt, this is an essential issue while you are purchasing your counter-top filter. Like everyone, you will not want your filter to occupy a lot of space on your sink top or wherever you are placing it. Moreover, too big of a filter can disrupt the look of your kitchen or dining space.


The detailed review article that I have written about the best countertop water filter above contains a list of some finest countertops. All of them are capable of eliminating tastes and odors and pollutants such as sediment, heavy metals, etc. However, all of them are not equally efficient. That is, not all of them filter all the pollutants equally. Hence, you might be aware of what your water contains, and what your filter can filter.


Of course, budget is a significant factor no matter what we are purchasing. You must know the actual price or worth of what you are buying. I have uploaded a descriptive article earlier about how much a filter should cost. Hopefully, it will help you to pay the just price for your purchase.


Unfortunately, the privilege of fresh and filtered water comes with the burden of maintenance. Either you pick a pitcher or a faucet all of them require a certain level of maintenance. Make sure the model you pick does not become too much for you later. Moreover, maintenance causes some expenses as well. Hence, you must pick a model that has a reasonable maintenance cost.


Undoubtedly, a faucet filter ensures more convenience rather than a pitcher. All you have to do is to turn open the faucet. You might say that faucet requires installation. Although, the installation process of every faucet filter is extremely easy. It is nothing that you cannot do by yourself. Pitcher filters are not bad. They are very handy as well. However, if you have a busy household or a big family, it is better for you not to go for a pitcher.


Many people prefer a filter that increases or adds alkalinity to the water. That’s because water with alkaline has many benefits of its own. Hence, if you are one of them, just go for the models that ensure the particular function. Besides, in the review section, you will find one or two such filters.

Moreover, you should never forget to test your water before purchasing a filter. Because that is how you will know about the pollutants your water contains and you will be able to pick a suitable model. As I have said before, everything has its pros and cons, Counter-top filters are no different. Here are a set of pros and cons of counter-top filters:

a set of pros and cons of counter-top filters:

Hopefully, a tour through this write-up will help you to pick your counter-top filter. However, after reading everything if you have changed your mind about purchasing a counter-top filter then no worries. Check our website, you’ll find a detailed article about every kind of water filter that is suitable for a household. You will find something suitable for your use. Happy shopping!



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