6 Best Tap Water Filter Reviews in 2021

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Undoubtedly the demand for fresh and pure water never becomes outdated. However, the process to ensure fresh and pure water sometimes gets expensive and difficult. Keeping that in mind, one of the wonderful filters that have been introduced in the market is the tap water filter. These filters are affordable, low maintenance, easy to handle, and most importantly safe. Like always, our team has done thorough research on the various best tap water filter. Consequently, I am here to provide honest reviews about the most recommended filters of our research team.

Before I start my review, I will label three products for being a market leader and expensive, low price but best quality, and overall good. I have categorized in this way so that you can easily get a clear idea about the kind of product you are looking for. 

  • Market leader and expensive: Under this label PUR and Brita both are winners. Undoubtedly, they are market leaders and slightly more expensive than their other competitors. The products are in number one and two on the review list.
  • Low price and the best quality: Without any argument, this is the favorite option for most of the customers. After all, everyone wants to make an affordable purchase. Under this label, I would nominate Engdenton Faucet Water Filter. This is in number five on our list. Not only the filter is affordable, but also the replacements.
  • Overall good: This option is my personal favorite. Generally, anyone who is rational loves this option. This option not only lets you buy a quality product but also helps you to make a generous choice for your pocket. Thus I will nominate Lelekey Tap Water Filter System under this label. It is in number three on our list. 

Best Tap Water Filter

6 Top Rated Tap Water Filter Reviews in 2020

From then until now, the Businessman is developing or launching many types of tap water filter in the market. However, there are the best then better in the market. In this regard, now we are going to write some reviews on the Top 6 Water Filter in the Market.
I hope that it will help you with a clear idea to select the best tap water filter in the market.

01.  PUR FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Water Filter

Undoubtedly, PUR FM-3700B is a dependable tap filter. Firstly, I would highlight segments that will help you to evaluate its performance; such as the capacity of eliminating lead, the capacity of removing chloroform, and the pace of water flow.

The capacity of eliminating lead: Generally, elimination of lead is an essential criterion when it comes to tapping water filter. Keeping that in mind, the PUR FM-3700B ensures 99% extraction of lead.

The capacity of eliminating chloroform: At first, I would like to mention first that The PUR FM-3700B is NSF qualified for eliminating organic pollutants. Hence, from this, you can already predict that it is good at extracting chloroform. Because of the capacity of extracting chloroform from water assists in extracting organic pollutants. Thus, you can say the capacity of eliminating chloroform from the water of the PUR FM-3700B is impressive.

The pace of water flows: Although this is a very essential segment of any filter, designing affects this segment heavily. Honestly, this segment of the PUR FM-3700B is a bit controversial.  Because, whenever you will buy this filter at the beginning it will serve you great, however, it will stop giving satisfactory results after a time being.

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  • To begin with, PUR FM-3700B ensures an uplifting taste of water
  • Eliminates lead, mercury and other harmful pollutants rigorously
  • Although the design of PUR FM-700B is well-suited with any regular tap, it is not suitable for handheld or pull-out taps.
  • Capacity to filter a hundred gallons of water.
  • Lastly, upgraded metal convertors
  • Easy to install
  • Impressive finishing
  • The inherent electronic life meter
  • Most importantly, a limited warranty of 2 years
  • Even though it has many perks, often customers complain that they do not serve the expected time.

2. Brita COMINHKR063772 Tap Faucet Water Filter

Unlike other filters, Brita COMINHKR063772 is an environmentally friendly filter. Firstly, I would highlight segments that will help you to evaluate its performance; such as the pace of flow of water, installation procedure, and removal of pollutants.

The pace of flow of water: Even though most of the tap water filters lag in this segment, Brita COMINHKR063772 advances here. The delivery speed does not slow down with time.

Installation procedure: Generally, we struggle a lot with installing tap filters. However, Brita COMINHKR063772 is an exception.  All you need to do is attach it with your existing tap.

Removal of pollutants: Although Brita COMINHKR063772 can eliminate lead and other necessary pollutants; the removal of pollutants is not the strong point of this filter. Because through many surveys and research our team came to know that Brita COMINHKR063772 does not perform well for highly polluted water. Thus, my suggestion for you will remain that you must take a water test. Later on, when you get the results of your test match the pollutants with the distributor whether the filter can eliminate them or not.

Brita COMINHKR063772 Tap Faucet Water Filter


  • Firstly, the design is appropriate and comfortable to use
  • Reliable for eliminating lead
  • Furthermore, the design ensures the least wastewater
  • Possesses filter life-span meter
  • Lastly, it has a unique on and off button.
  • Impressive water flow
  • Replacement and installation procedures are fairly easy
  • It has a pre-filter option
  • The model is healthy for our environment
  • Even though the filter features a life-span meter, there are many complaints that the meter does not serve well.

3. Lelekey Tap Water Filter System

Generally, when we are talking about tap filters, filtration procedures aren’t their strongest point, although the scenario is different for Lelekey Tap Water Filter System. Firstly, I would highlight segments that will help you to evaluate its performance; such as filtration procedure, the convenience of design, comfortable to use.

Filtration procedure: Undoubtedly, the rigorous five staged filtration procedure makes the Lelekey Tap Water Filter System a winner. The five stages are Calcium Sulfite Ball, Tourmaline Ceramic Ball, Activated Carbon, Mineralization Ball Main fan Stone, and Alkaline Ball. To summarize, the filtration procedure is efficient to eliminate lead, mercury, organic pollutants, and also maintain a healthy PH level.

The convenience of design: Firstly, I would like to mention about the pivot 360-degree feature. Unlike, other tap filters Lelekey Tap Water Filter System can be used with any sort of kitchen tap for this feature. Besides, the structure of the filter is of stainless steel. Thus, there is no doubt that the filter is food grade at the same time durable with no fear of leakage.

Comfortable to use: While we are talking about filters, the comfort of using highly depends on the installation process. Because installation isn’t a one-time thing for filters as replacements go on. As I have mentioned before Lelekey Tap Water Filter System is suitable for any standard tap, hence the installation is the only worry remaining. The good news is the installation procedure of it is also extremely easy. Also, the filter is available with four various kinds of plugs for attaching.

Lelekey Tap Water Filter System


  • Structure of first-class 304 stainless-steel
  • An excellent pace of water flow (0.5GPM)
  • Has a long life (528 gallons)
  • Good looking, fit with any ambiance
  • Ensures uninterrupted water flow
  • Most importantly, rigorous filtering compared to the market competitors
  • Nothing at this moment

4. PUR PFM800HX Horizontal FM 1 MineralClear Filter

If you are looking for something with the advanced design and structure, PUR PFM800HX is your ultimate choice.  Firstly, I would highlight segments that will help you to evaluate its performance; such as water filtration, durability, and structure.

Water filtration: Keeping the main feature of a water filter in mind, PUR PFM800HX ensures to extract above 70 pollutants. Due to the 0.5micron fixed to the activated micron filter, various tiny pollutants get taped.

Durability: To enumerate, PUR PFM800HX filters 320 gallons of water. Comparatively, the number of gallons it filters is higher than its competitors. Because most of the tap water filter promises to filter 100 gallons.

Structure: The structure of PUR PFM800HX is not only stylish but also extremely purposeful. Besides, it contains a switch to move from filtered water back and forth. This is because you can choose when to use filtered water and when to not, besides the design assures that there is no leak of water.


  • Firstly, the Bluetooth feature helps to keep track of the filter’s life-span
  • Ensures great taste
  • Promises to remove lead up to 99%
  • Last but not least, requires nothing to install
  • Impressive design
  • Advanced technology
  • Filters more water
  • Although it can filter more gallons of water, there was much feedbacks that the filter itself does not last that long. (Breaks down)

5. Engdenton Faucet Water Filter

Often we cannot decide whether a tap water filter is a worthy investment or not. If you are looking for something that would serve you long at the same time, Engdenton Faucet Water Filter is your first pick. For evaluating this model closely, I decided to provide close details about its structure, filtration process, and the replacement procedure.

Structure of the filter: While finding anything healthy is quite difficult these days, Engdenton Faucet Water Filter is made of food-grade stainless steel. Hence, the structure is durable. And unlike the plastic body tap water filters, there is no possibility of leakage.

Filtration process: As the filter is capable of removing chlorine, the water is of great taste. Also, the mesh ensures the filtration of any insoluble pollutants; such as sand, dust, rust, etc. Moreover, the filter does not allow any organic growth.

Replacement procedure: To begin with, the replacement casings are extremely affordable. As the design is suitable for any tap filters, it is quite easy to install. Besides, the installation or reinstallation does not require any such equipment that isn’t available at households.

Engdenton Faucet Water Filter


  • Inherits features as ACF filters
  • Durable
  • Excellent pace of flow of water (3 liters per minute)
  • Affordable
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Lastly, convenient for regular use
  • Although the filter is very user-friendly, it is not NSF approved.

6. Waterdrop 320-Gallon Water Faucet Filtration System

To begin with, the waterdrop 320 gallon is not only fast but also competent. Among various aspects of the product, I will discuss the design, filtration method, and the durability of the filter.

Design: Undoubtedly, the waterdrop 320 gallon is one of the best looking tap water filters. Also, with any kind of kitchen ambiance, it adjusts easily. Moreover, the size of the filter is compressed.

Filtration method: The rigorous filtration method ensures the removal of fluoride and lead.

Durability: One of the strongest points of the waterdrop is the durability of it because the filter promises to purify 320 gallons of water.


  • Firstly, it consists of an activated charcoal filter
  • Furthermore, mesh filters are made of stainless steel
  • Last but not least, a fair pace of flow of water
  • Easy handling
  • Reliable filtration
  • The fine pace of water flow
  • Only suitable for standard taps
  • Connecters aren’t available

How will a Tap filter ease your life? 

This new addition to your household will make your life a lot easier. One by one I will discuss them all. 

  • Better water: Not to mention, you will get filtered healthy water directly from your facet. No hassle, no worries. It will save your time and reduce your tension of whether your tap water is drinkable or not
  • Easy to install and maintain: Most people avoid the regular filters just so that they do not have to go through the hassle of installation and a lifelong maintenance hassle. However, the good news is, this filter does not need more than 5 minutes for installation and almost no maintenance.
  • Prevents chlorine: A huge problem in any water supply is the odor of chlorine Besides, chlorine is harmful to health as well. You will be glad to know that no matter which model of tap filter you install, it is going to filter or prevent chlorine from your water. 
  • Better taste: Due to the zero presence of chlorine in water, your water becomes odor-free as well as unpleasant taste-free. 
  • Filters common microorganisms: One of the many wonders of these filters are they even filter the basic microorganisms ( Giardia, Cryptosporidium) These things are common in any municipal water supply and cause health disasters. However, the good news is a simple tap filter can prevent them. 
  • No external energy: To run these filters you will not need either battery or electricity. Besides these filters do not wastewater. Thus they are the perfect pick for anyone who is environmentally responsible.
  • End of plastic: As you will be able to get healthy water directly from the tap, you will no longer need plastic containers to store water or mineral water bottles. Hence, it will reduce the usage of plastic. 

What to Consider When Buying a Water Filter?

There are four factors that should merely follow while buying a water filter. The first one is the water quality. Most of the water that is delivered to your house is hard water. So that indicates that your house water contains a high amount of TDS. Other than TDS there are many contaminants and heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, copper, magnesium, iron, and other toxic items which can pollute your water. So you should choose the right filter which can remove these pollutants. Two more things which are water pressure and electricity should also be considered when choosing the filter.

How To Find The Right Tap Filtering Solution For Your Water

Generally, filters are a matter of huge maintenance, which sometimes turns into a huge burden. Keeping this in mind, various low-maintenance filters have been introduced, and the tap water filter is one of them. The convenience of the design and comfort of installation makes this filter a topper in the market. However, purchasing the right filter is essential to enjoy the fullest benefits. Again many may ask why to buy a tap water filter? Thus, I have discussed a few advantages of the filter below:

Stress-free installation method:

At first, this advantage comes when we are talking about the tap water filters. The method requires hardly any special equipment. Besides, no one requires an expert’s help for installing. Thus, you will save some extra costs.

Ensures chlorine-free water:

Although the municipality uses chlorine to sanitize water before delivering it to households, consuming chlorine harms our health. Moreover, the odor and taste are unpleasant too. Every tap water filter ensures the removal of chlorine.

More details: http://bit.ly/2pD8xQj

Prevents microorganisms:

A tap water filter ensures the safety of your water from harmful microorganisms; such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Helps to contribute to the environment:

Almost all the best tap water filters have a stainless steel structure. Also, many of them ensure zero production of wastewater. Besides if you have a tap water filter at home, you will not require plastic bottles. This means, you will not dispose of any plastic bottles, and you will contribute to the environment.

Rigorously filters nitrates & nitrites:

Any model of the tap water filters ensures that there is no nitrate or nitrites in the water. Often these elements are present in insect killer medicines, which sometimes break into the waterline. Consuming these can cause great harm to the body.

Filters heavy metals:

The presence of heavy metals is quite common in municipal water. However, all tap water filters can filter them (lead, mercury, etc.)

How to purchase the best tap water filter

Now if you are convinced with the advantages of the tap water filter, let’s take a look at how to purchase the best tap water filter? Now, many may suggest you go buy this model or that model, and if you do that you might suffer. Because a model of water filter became the best option for me does not mean that it will remain the best for someone else. What is best for you depend on your household, your demand, and your water quality. Thus, I’ll describe a few steps, which will help you to buy the best model available for you.

  • Life-span meter: Changing filters on time is a huge responsibility. If you want to enjoy a great water flow and healthy water, you must change the filter on time. However, remembering the timeline is a difficult job. Thus, you should always check whether your tap water filter has a meter or not. Because the meter will notify you when to change. If you see that a filter does not have a meter, just don’t go for it
  • Durability: Of course, it is an issue you must consider before buying a tap water filter. No matter how inexpensive or easy it is installing a new tap filter if you need to do that every month it becomes frustrating. Many tap water filters filter 100 gallons, again many filters 300 to 350 gallons of water. You must go to them.
  • Pivot: Before buying a tap water filter, you must notice whether the pivot is flexible or not. Commonly a pivot of 360 degrees is preferable. Because this design saves a lot of discomforts.
  • Finishing: although I am mentioning this point at the last, this is a very significant factor of a tap water filter. Because, if the finishing is poor there is a high probability that your filter might break. Hence, always go for the ones with great designs and finishing Also it is a part of your home décor. Thus you should pick the one that will adjust with your existing decoration.

In the End

Hopefully, all the reviews and buying guides will help you to pick your desired filter. Although if you change your mind about tap water filter, do not worry! Just visit our page, it contains honest reviews and expert’s buying guides. Thus, you will acquire the necessary assistance.

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