10 Best Travel Water Bottle with Filter in 2021 Reviews

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If you are backpacking for your next hiking trip, and you are worried about your drinking water you are in the right place. Undoubtedly, clean water is a must while you are traveling. A travel water bottle filter makes sure you have access to clean water all the time. Thus, our team has done empirical research about travel water bottles with filters. Based on the research we have enlisted the Best Travel Water bottle with filter. Certainly, all of these products are user-friendly and technologically advanced. Besides, our reviews are thorough and honest. Hence, you will get a clear idea of all the products. While deciding the products that should be on this list, we took various aspects in our consideration. For instance; budget, product longevity, structure, and maintenance procedure. Moreover, we wrote all the reviews based on the consumer’s experience. I am hopeful you will find the product you are looking for. 

From Our Reviews


Our Pick product number 9. Which is the Brita Premium Filtering bottle? It is lower in price with the best outcomes. Simple and minimalistic design. Also, administration cost is lower than other

Cost-effective in this category we are choosing product number 6(The Coldest bottle) Cost and other related things are effective. No matter what this bottle has enough potential for becoming Effective cost.


High cost but best in the market in this section we choose product number 2. That is the Life Straw Go filter Bottle. Yes, the price of this bottle is high but the quality of that product is topnotch. So considering the higher price this product is best in the market.

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Water is a thing which must be needed for our daily life. But in the present scenario water is polluted with a very effective percentage. It is the reason for sickness. World Health Association make a report on that. Where they mention that 80% of disease rises up for the cost of water pollution. Because every person needs to drink water whatever they exit. But every place is not for pure water.

So when a person or group uses to travel pure water are becomes more and more essential. A traveler usually to carry a bottle of water when they are traveling. But a bottle doesn’t give surety of pure water. So A Travel Water Bottle with Filter is a solution to that situation.

01. Stainless steel  Travel Water Bottle with Filter by Brita

Enjoy great tasting H2O anyplace with the Brita stainless steel water bottle with filter. The sturdy, double-wall insulated bottle stays cold for a full twenty-four hours. It includes one similar filter that reduces chemical elements as you drink. That includes an inside, easy-sip straw, constitutional carrying loop for grab-and-go immovableness. Also one-handed push lid.

This bottle is meant for easy convenience. The bottle is an automobile cup holder friendly. Thus also includes a leak-proof style to assist you to avoid surprise drips and spills. Relish hassle-free association anywhere. Like reception, the office, a sporting event, or a visit abroad.

One bottle filter will replace up to 300 normal 16.91 only routine plastic bottles. Thus you’ll be capable to keep hydrous, save money, and ruler back plastic waste. For best results, replace the filter every forty gallons or about any 2 months. With Brita, take filtered water anyplace you go!

  • Water checks are nice.
  • You will filter water in anyplace
  • Product is designed with unstained Steel
  • If you don’t like the steel bottle then avoid it.

02. water bottle with a 2-stage filter by LifeStraw Go

Nonviolent water on the go. LifeStraw Go uses a 2-stage separation secret this eco-friendly bottle. Thus you have got safe drinkable where you go. Currently with a carbon capsule that reduces elements and different unhealthy tastes. Removes 99.9999% of the waterborne bacterium, together with E-Coli. Removes 99 .9% of waterborne protozoan parasites. Together with flagellate protozoan & Cryptosporidium. Atomic number 6 capsule reduces and different unhealthy tastes. BPA-free Tritan bottle; Uses replacement filter and replacement atomic number 6 capsule for years of use. Filtration time resonating fiber skin: 1,000 liters. Period nuclear number 6 pill: one hundred liters (26 gallons)

  • Easily create a sip
  • Easy to suck the water up the straw.
  • No unhealthy water style or unhealthy water odor.
  • This bottle will filter the water well as on a 10-day trekking trip.
  • Higher within the worth vary

03. 4 stage Travel Water Bottle with Filter

Survimate setup water bottles have four advanced superior purifiers put in. they are Medical Grade Hollow Fiber Membrane, Coconut Shell atomic number 6. Beads and Medical Grade PP Cotton. Survimate Bottles are made up of Food Grade Tritan Polyester. With no unhealthy smell, it’s BPA-free, FDA-approved, heat-resisting and very sturdy.

No got to concern about additional filters for up to 1500L/year of unceasing usage. Standardized filters prevent cash because the water bottles themselves have an unpleasantly long life. This versatile bottle does not help to provide. Drinkable water in harsh outside conditions. But can assist you to seek out direction mistreatment the inbuilt compass on the highest.

Top off the bottle and drink. Nothing may be less complicated – no pumps or hoses, no squeeze, no batteries or bulbs, and no chemicals! Sip five to eight times to urge clean water.

  • Long time usability.
  • Don’t create any distinction in water take a look at it.
  • Better and sensible installation.
  • The impervious membrane on the bottom filter

04.Leak-Proof Water Filter Bottle with Integrated Filter

The hollow fiber membrane filtration system filters out any harmful material larger than zero.01 diameter microns. Coconut shell carbon reduces unhealthy styles and improves the taste of water

You can drink the lake, watercourse, and H2O on the go together with this filter. Keep hydrous and contemporary all the time. Sturdy BPA-Free water setup bottle is light-weight and leak-proof. Versatile mouthpiece detaches for straightforward cleanup Hold Friendly. The looks are good and also the bottle fits into cup holders and backpack aspect pockets.

  • It is a straightforward suck.
  • Survival gear kit.
  • Great for filtering water on the go.
  • Lightweight, sensible quality water but slow rate.
  • Lowest cost water bottle in the market

05. Brita 20 ounce sport water bottle

Brita twenty Ounce Sports filter Bottle helps scale back the style. Also odor of chemical element creating H2O style nice anyplace. The filter within this BPA free bottle filters as you drink. Thus you’ll have nice tasting water while not the waste and high value of drinking water. One filter will substitute up to three hundred usual 16.9-ounce water bottles, retain you hydrous, avoid cash, and measure back plastic waste. The soft-squeeze plastic, integral carrying loop. Then simple-sip spout creates this bottle easy to hold. Also use whereas you’re at the athletic facility, on a bike, or on the go. For greatest performance, the filter ought to get replaced every forty gallons or 2 months, whichever comes initial. Use Brita for higher H2O, a stronger world, and a higher price.

  • Simplicity of style
  • Easy to hold from any wherever
  • No downside square measure created within the take a look at of water
  • Difficult to wash after using long time

06. Coldest water bottle

Most merchandise you’ve got square measure average. We tend to hate that. After we build a product, we glance to re-think but we will fuck higher, colder and a lot of superiors. We tend to square measure associate elite team of engineers based in the metropolis. Sunshine State operating day and night to create the coldest, most superior merchandise. Five years later, and plenty of legal things filed, The Coldest Bottles were born. Some decision it ‘game-changing’ but we tend to need to make merchandise we tend to square measure pleased with. That we tend to love and use each day. That produces less waste for the earth.

Most hydro bottles don’t use top quality chrome steel. Then also the flask punctures straightforward, they leak, rust, dent easier and most don’t keep cold as long. You demand most. We know. We do too. We’ve designed our bottles victimization True chrome steel Grade Metal, thickest of its kind.

Whether you would like an athletic facility bottle, bike bottle, or the simplest sports bottle. This bottle is constructed to be your last bottle

  • Long time performance
  • The handle on the highest is super convenient
  • It’s comfy to drink out of.
  • The size of the gap is simple to drink out of.
  • It doesn’t sweat!! Not at all!
  • The machining of the cap is a smaller amount than excellent.

07. Brita 20 Ounce Premium Filtering bottle with Filter



Enjoy great-tasting H2O anyplace with the Brita 20 Ounce Carbon chrome steel Premium Filtering bottle. The sturdy, double-wall insulated bottle stays cold for a full twenty-four hours. It includes one standardized filter. That reduces chemical elements (taste & odor) as you drink. That includes an interior, easy-sip straw, integral carrying loop for grab-and-go movability. And one-handed push-button lid, this bottle is intended for easy convenience. The bottle may be an automotive cup holder friendly. It also encompasses a leak-proof style to assist you to avoid surprise drips and spills. Relish hassle-free association anywhere: reception, the office, a sporting event, or a visit abroad. One bottle filter will replace up to 300 commonplace 16.9-ounce single-use plastic bottles. Thus you’ll keep hydrous, save money, and cut back plastic waste. For best results, replace the filter every forty gallons or about every 2 months. With Brita, take filtered water anyplace you go!

  • Stainless Steel Filter Bottle thus no plastic problems are created
  • Strong Build quality bottle
  • Easy to hold
  • The lower area within in order that not carrying your want would like in position water

08. Epic water filters water bottle

The Nalgene OG filter uses depth & sorption filtration to realize one metric linear unit stuff removal. Sorption removes particulates via the activated coconut carbon-fiber mesh surface areas. That adsorbs contaminants. Like cysts, serious metals, chemicals, prescribed drugs & herbicides as they travel. Complexity filtration includes the removal of postponed waste products. As they fight to accept the numerous layers of coconut carbon fiber.  The Nalgene OG filter bottle saves the planet over 550 plastic water bottles from our landfills & oceans. This USA created organic coconut shell based carbon fiber mesh filter is Associate in nursing surroundings friendly filtration media. That’s approved by NSF/ANSI standards.

  • Filters halide higher than all the opposite bottle filters.
  • It does not want you are drinking through a filter, it sounds like the other bottle
  • It has a water level measuring label in each milliliter and oz on the one aspect. Thus, you’ll see what proportion you are drinking
  • Doesn’t sweat or leave water rings
  • It’s a very little wider than a regular size bottle.

09. Brita Premium Filtering bottle

Enjoy great-tasting water anyplace with the Brita twenty six Ounce Premium Filtering bottle. The sturdy, BPA-free, plastic bottle includes one similar filter. That reduces Cl as you drink. That includes an indoor, easy-sip straw, inherent carrying loop for grab. And-go movability, and one-handed push-button lid. This bottle is meant for easy convenience. This bottle may be an automotive cup holder friendly. It also incorporates a leak-proof style to assist you to avoid surprise drips and spills. Fancy hassle-free association anywhere. Like reception, the office, a sporting event, or a visit abroad. One bottle filter will replace up to 300 standards 16.9-ounce single-use plastic bottles. Thus you’ll keep hydrous, save money, and cut back plastic waste. Brita filtering bottles square measure simple to scrub and dishwasher safe. For best results, replace the filter every forty gallons or about every 2 months. With Brita, take filtered water anyplace you go!

  • An excellent various for single-use plastic users
  • Doesn’t leak, so the water tastes sensible
  • Comfortable size so it simple to hold
  • Difficult to induce water via straw thus it tough to drink

How to choose the best water bottle with a filter for travel?

While traveling, it is essential to drink clean water. Unclean water can cause havoc to our health. There are certain metals and pollutants present in unclean water. Most people use water bottles for drinking water, and it is also useful for carrying and keeping oneself hydrated. When water is finished you can refill it from the tap, but there are many contaminants and chemicals in tap water. For that water bottle filter is essential. Most of the water bottle filters are reusable many times, some over 100 and some over 1000. So it is always necessary to take a water bottle with a filter for travel.

Why do you need a travel water bottle with a filter?

If you are a frequent traveler, this is a product you must have with yourself. Although there are many perks of this product, I have enlisted the top four of them. 

1.Always meeting your thirst

When you are on an adventurous trip, thirst should not become an obstacle. However, it often appears as the biggest cause to make you feel weak. Usually, there is no source of freshwater while we are traveling. In such situations, travel water bottles with filters appear as the savior. They have a mechanism inside them to filter the dirtiest water. 

2.Helps you to prevent unwanted diseases

Although people drink water directly from the tap in some areas, as a traveler it is not the wisest thing to do. Your immune system might not be familiar with the water that is available in that particular area. Thus you might get infected by waterborne disease. Besides, while traveling you might go to places where even tap water is not available. The available water source you will find around you might be a river or a pond. Undoubtedly, you will be sick if you drink water from these sources directly without filtering. Therefore, keeping a water bottle filter for such situations will help you to prevent unwanted diseases. Consequently, your trip will become enjoyable and safe.

3.Decreases use of plastic

Certainly, if you do not have an available source of clean water you will have to rely on bottled water. Sadly, bottled water comes in plastic casings. We all know how harmful plastic is for our environment. Besides, while traveling you will not always have a dumpster around you to throw these bottles. Thus, you will end up throwing them on the ground. I believe you all know the consequences of plastic thrown irresponsibly. If you want to be an environmentally friendly traveler, you should buy a water bottle filter today!

4.It helps you to save money!

You can consider these water bottle investments as a long time investment. I just mentioned a while ago that if you do not have a freshwater source, you will keep on depending on bottled water. Bottled water is not only harmful to the environment but also not good for your wallet. As thirst is not something you can control, you will keep on buying. Consequently, your trip will become more expensive than you planned. I am sure you don’t want that. 


Now that you know about the benefits of having a water bottle filter, and you also know what are the best water bottle filter I hope you will find a great one for yourself. Apart from traveling filters, if you need any other kind of filter check our website. You will certainly find it all. For now, get the water bottle filter that is best for you, and enjoy your trip!



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