9 Best water filter pitcher for well water reviews [2021]

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As the popularity of pitcher water filters is rising day by day, our editorial team thought of covering this segment as well. Like always, we performed lengthy research and enlisted the best water filter pitcher out there and provided honest reviews. Water filter pitchers are jugs that have filtering cartridges inside them. These cartridges purify the pollutants in the water. We have tried our best to make the review as transparent as possible. We hope you will find the perfect pitcher for your household.

Our team has spent 72 hours on research on various points of Best water filter pitchers. Even though new products are getting an introduction in the market every day, our team enlisted the best possible options. While it is true, everyone desires filtered water; it is also true that no one wants the purifier to hamper the water pressure. Hence, here we are, with the list of the best 2/3 staged water purifiers; which will not hamper your home’s water pressure. Moreover, these water purifiers will eliminate taste and odors from your water, will last for a long time, and most importantly are budget-friendly. Pick a Best water filter pitchers for well water today from our team’s pick, and enjoy purified water from every tap of your house.

Best water filter pitcher

8  Top-Rated Best Water Filter pitcher Reviews in 2019

From then until now, the producer is developing or launching many types of water filter pitchers in the market. However, there are the best then better in the market. In this regard, now we are going to write some reviews on the Top 10 Best Water Filter Pitcher in the Market

I hope that it will help you with a clear idea to select the best water purifiers pitchers in the market.

01. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Exterior Structure: Starting from design to structure, Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is an all-rounder. Although it does not have a fancy look, it has an efficient design. Moreover, it is made of food-grade plastic (FDA approved). Vegan people indeed face enormous troubles while choosing any product. Fortunately, Aquagear brings you an excellent pitcher which is made of vegan plastic.

Capacity and Life span: Compared to other pitcher filters, Aquagear can process or filter a much higher quantity of water (150 gallons). However, the filter cannot hold much water (8 glasses). Hence, the filter serves you well for 7 months.

Pollutants removal: Undoubtedly, Aquagear is a champ when it comes to the removal of pollutants. Some of them are mentioned below, along with the percentage: Fluoride (90.06%), Lead (99.9%), Mercury (97.8%), Copper (99.7%), Arsenic (99.8%).

 Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

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  • Firstly, eliminates 2000% more pollutants than the existing rivals.
  • Secondly, meticulously tested.
  • Next, it has an outstanding structure beneficial or health and longevity.
  • Most importantly, a lifetime warranty and sincere customer service.
  • Lasts long
  • Made of BPA free material
  • High removal of pollutants (claims to eliminate 88 pollutants)
  • Prepared in the USA

  • Expensive
  • The filter has no life pointer

Description of the Water Filter Pitcher

We want the best service available out there for ourselves and our family. Aquagear water filter pitcher is the best you can have. It does not only have an efficient design, but it is also very compact as well. The perfect dimension of 11X10.9X5.5 inches makes it extremely handy, as well as adaptable in any kitchen. Although the Aquagear pitcher filter removes pollutants vigorously, it preserves minerals that are essential for health such as; calcium, magnesium, etc. Besides, this filter is reusable. After six months, you will receive postage so that you can give back the filter for reprocessing.

02. Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Exterior Structure: To begin with, EHM has a structure of food-grade plastic. Even though it has a larger body compared to others, it easily fits in any refrigerators. However, its weight might be a problem, which is 3.5lbs. Besides, the stream is protected to stop any external dirt from getting into the water. It also has an ordinal pointer, that can aware of the users when it is time to change the casing. Moreover, its unique color makes it perfect for any modern kitchen decor.

Capacity and Life span: The filter can hold 1,600 glasses of water. Hence, it is perfect for large families. On average, it lasts for 60 days.

Pollutants removal: Believe it or not, EHM comes with six layers of filtration process within just a pitcher. Starting from pollutants like lead and chlorine, bacteria, E Coli, or pesticides, everything is filtered through this unique product.

Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

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Key feature

  • Firstly, it contains anti-microbial possessions
  • Increases the pH level up to 8-10.5
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Furthermore, it is NSF tested and approved
  • Immense capacity

  • Performs dual purpose
  • Adds essential minerals to the water
  • Has a rigorous filtering process
  • Much more affordable than a water ionizer
  • Generates an ideal pH range of water for drinking
  • Adds healthy alkaline minerals
  • Comprehensive upgrades compared to Brita
  • Filter replacement is easy

  • Replacement casings are not found easily
  • Large and heavy


The Pure Green Water Filter pitcher does not only filter your water but also alkalinizes. The six layers consist of pre-filters, post filters, carbon activated filter, alkalizer, antioxidants adder, and a unique micro knot procedure. Fortunately, all of it comes in just one pitcher. However, I have mentioned before it is a bit larger than other pitcher filters. It has a dimension of 12.1X11X6.2 inches. Although its excellent filtering procedure and eye-catching color make up for the size.

03. Brita Large 10 cups Water Filter Pitcher

Exterior Structure: If you are looking for something light and compact, undoubtedly Brita Large 10 cups is going to be your first pick. Firstly, the simple design ensures your convenience of use. Moreover, it has innovative features included in it such as; easy grip, flips top (thumb controlling), and a status pointer. Generally, when it comes to filters we all want something easy to refill. The flip-top feature of Brita large ensures that. Besides, the status pointer never fails to remind you when it is time to change the casing.

Capacity and Life span: From the name, anyone can guess that it can hold or filter 10 cups at a time. However, it does not filter more than 40 gallons in total. On average, you will have to replace it after two months. Another major drawback of this product is the delivery speed decreases with time.

Pollutants removal: Honestly, you must buy it only if you are looking for an elementary filter jug. The reason behind this comment or suggestion is Brita Large does not filter or extract VOCs, leads, or protozoan cysts. Although it filters the pollutants that are naturally found in municipally treated water (Copper, Mercury, Zinc, Cadmium, Chlorine)

Brita Large 10 cups Water Filter Pitcher

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  • Offers 90 days of warranty
  • Highly expedient
  • Affordable
  • Firstly, it can filter chlorine
  • Excels the quality and taste of water
  • Light
  • Quick filtration mechanism
  • Only filters basic pollutants, not recommended for well water
  • It is not possible to open or separate the reservoir for cleaning.


To begin with, Brita Large has a very compressed dimension even though it is known as large (10.47X5.59X10.94 inches). It is very light as well (2.29lbs). Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to choose the color of your filter as it comes in several colors (black, white, red, yellow, green). As it is a 10 cups model, it is highly recommended for big families. Another great aspect of this filter is it removes odors and tastes flawless.


04. Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher

Exterior Structure: Recently, the filter has updated its look and design. The new design is highly appreciated by most of the users. Although this new design holds as much like water is used to hold before, the material it is made of has improved. The new Tritan plastic body does not only make it safer from before but also enduring. Moreover, it ensures that the unfiltered water does not mix up with the filtered water while pouring. Not to mention, all the functions of this new design has made it far more convenient than before.

Capacity and Life span: To be exact, the filter can hold 64 ounces of water which means 8 glasses. Thus it is suitable for families to meet up the necessity of the moment. As the filter is capable of filtering 100 gallons of water, you will be able to use it smoothly for at least 4 months. However, a lot of it depends on the quality of water.

Pollutants removal: Believe it or not, Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher beats everyone in this field. It claims to remove more than 220 pollutants that are found in water. Even though it filters vigorously, it does not forget to preserve the minerals that are significant for our body. Hence, if you prioritize healthy and clean water over anything, this should be your pick.

Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher

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  • Firstly, a full refund policy within 90 days if you are not satisfied.
  • Secondly, individually qualifies all NSF criteria (42,53,244,401, and 473)
  • Made of medical-grade plastic
  • Filters pollutants more than 3 pitchers combined
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Incomparable customer service
  • Lastly, increases the taste of water

  • Expensive
  • Does not filter viruses
  • It has no inbuilt indicator.


As I have mentioned before, Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher is an expert in eliminating pollutants. However, every good thing comes at a price. Thus compared to other pitcher filters it is a bit pricey. Although it is lightweight (2.91lbs), its dimension is not its strongest point. It has a size of 13.5X10.7X5.5 inches, which is quite large compared to other pitchers. Even though it is not available in any other color except white, its simple design makes it compatible with any kitchen or dining setup.


05. Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Exterior Structure: Like most of the pitcher filters, Epic Pure is also made of BPA Plastic. However, its efficient design makes it an exception. The new upgraded filter provides the greatest service of all the time. Besides, it has an excellent discharge spring and an excellent inbuilt ordinal indicator. Moreover, it is an economical filter. The filter does not only have advanced features, but also a compressed design that fits inside any refrigerator.

Capacity and Life span: Undoubtedly, in terms of capacity Epic Pure out-beats many of its competitors with the ability to filter 150 gallons of water. On average, it can hold 10 glasses of water. Hence, it can easily meet up the instantaneous need of a family of five.

Pollutant removal: These days, our tap water contains many harmful pollutants. Luckily, the five-stage filter of Epic Pure fights hard with all of them. It claims to remove 2000% more pollutants compared to its rivals which is true. Often strong filtering process rips out essential minerals like calcium and magnesium out of the water, however, Epic Pure preserves them successfully. One more thing, this certainly does not go under pollutant removal, but it makes the product better than others that is it can be recycled.

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

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  • Individually tested and approved by NSF (42,53,401, an P478)
  • Made of vegan plastic
  • Various stages of the filtration process
  • Convenient and user-friendly
  • Is not expensive compared to its service
  • Environment-friendly
  • Design of the handle is not satisfactory


Considering externally, its compressed dimension (11.5X10.5X6.5) and lightweight (2lbs) makes it very usable. Internally, its five-stage filtration process with pores of size 2 microns makes it highly reliable. What else can be an individual’s requirement when it comes to purchasing a filter? Hence, I would say it is an all in one package.

06. Brita Large 18 cups Water Dispenser and Filter

Exterior Structure: Unlike other pitchers, a Brita Large 18 cup has a cubical shape. Despite its unique shape, it easily fits any countertop or refrigerator racks. The filter has features like the flip top and indicator which make it easy to use. However, a major drawback of the design is it is not thoroughly cleanable. This is because; there is a faucet for water distribution which is not removable. Hence, this part needs improvement.

Capacity and Life span: Due to the shape, Brita large 18 cups can hold a large amount of water. That is exactly 18 cups or 1.13 gallons of water. However, compared to other pitcher filters, it requires quicker replacements. It can purify 40 gallons of water; hence it needs replacements every two months.

Pollutants removal: This is not the strongest point of Brita Large 18 cups. Unfortunately, it is only able to filter the five most common pollutants in tap water (Chlorine, Copper, Zinc, Mercury, and Cadmium) Apart from these common pollutants, Brita is not able to filter any other pollutants or microbial particles. Therefore, if there are a lot of pollutants in your water, you should not use it as a filter.

Brita Large 18 cups Water Dispenser and Filter

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  • Stress-free installation process
  • Has a life span of 40 gallons
  • Attuned with other pitchers and dispensers of Brita except for Stream pitchers.
  • Large holding capacity
  • Faucet for convenience of pouring
  • Great taste
  • Eliminates Chlorine

  • It is hard to clean
  • Does not filter many pollutants


Despite many shortcomings, Brita Large 18 cups are considerable for its affordability and good looks. The elegance of black double its beauty. Moreover, its compressed size (7.25X14X8.75) makes it very desirable. Furthermore, it does a great job of eliminating odors and tastes.


07. EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Exterior Structure: At first, I would like to start with its most noticeable feature that is its lid. The lid keeps the stream of the jug safe from dirt or bugs. However, there have been customers complaining about the lid that it is loose. Next, its simple shape makes it very easy to keep in refrigerators. Although the producing company of the filter suggests, to not leaving water inside the filter for an entire night because the water will lose its alkalinity. However, the water will remain drinkable.

Capacity and Life span: Unfortunately, this is not the strongest point of this filter. The instant holding capacity is 3.5 liters, and each casing can filter up to 300 liters. On average, the casings need replacements after every four to six weeks.

Pollutants Removal: Roughly, the filter is successful in removing 90% of harmful particles. Firstly, it removes heavy metals from water. Furthermore, it shrinks the depth of organic debris. Moreover, it manages to halt the reproduction of microorganisms.

EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

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  • Preserves alkalinity
  • Preserves essential mineral
  • Cost-effective
  • Noteworthy filtering capacities
  • Filters quickly
  • Compressed and light
  • Spacious tank
  • Poor lifespan
  • Unremarkable design


The EHM Ultra-Premium is not only a filter but also an ionizer. Believe it or not, a lot of work goes on inside this small pitcher. The micro-clustering technology is the secret behind the alkalinity preservation. A pH level of almost 8-10 is maintained. Moreover, there is a micro-screen to reduce the release of black particles. Last but not least; necessary minerals are preserved in water.

Do water filter pitchers help with hard water?

There are many water filter pitchers that can be used to eradicate the contaminants from polluted water. But for removing the hardness of water there is a material known as ion exchange resin which is included in some filter pitchers. Other than hardness it can remove magnesium ions, calcium, and other metals which are commonly found in hard water. They are very easy to use, and the price is also suitable. It also helps to remove activated carbon present in hard water and purify them and make them drinkable.

Stainless steel water filter pitcher

Glass water filter pitcher

best alkaline water filter pitcher


How to choose the best water filter, pitcher

One of the very convenient forms of water filters is a water filter pitcher. Generally, it looks like a jug. Thus, it is also widely known as filtering jug. As it is very easy to install and handle as well, it is a very popular choice. I will now further discuss in detail how you can purchase a perfect pitcher.

Although, before beginning it, I would like to mention that I have uploaded a detailed review of 7 water filter pitchers. I hope, you will find something suitable in my review section.

Things that you must consider before buying your pitcher

Jug substance:

Usually, pitchers are made of plastics as it has to be light and inexpensive. However, we all know how all plastics are not reliable. As often things made of plastics are really bad for our health. Therefore, the first thing you should check is whether or not the jug is made of BPA or food-grade plastic. Just to let you know, all the filters in my review are made of BPA plastic. Hence, if you are considering buying any of them you don’t have to worry.

Filter life:

Life span is an important issue, no matter what kind of filter you are buying. As replacements can be costly and full of hassles anyone would want to avoid it. An ideal filter will not require replacements before four to six months. However, few pitchers are excellent in filtering but require replacements within a month or two. My review contains filters of various life spans, take a look, and pick something that would suit you.


If you are living alone, this isn’t certainly your concern. However, if you are in a family this is a big issue. You will see, every pitcher has a reservoir and filtering casing section, and filtered water reserving area. Hence, you can assume that there must be water poured into the reservoir. Thus, filters that can only hold 5 or 6 cups of water might create a nuisance if you are living in a family. You must go for filters that can hold 8 to 10 cups of water at a time. My review has a special section on capacity and life span. I believe that will help you to know if any of the discussed models fulfill your capacity requirements.

The comfort of using and cleaning:

Although I am mentioning it now, this is something you should consider at the very beginning. Many models are difficult to clean. Honestly, you must avoid them. There are already enough pollutants in water; you don’t need to grow some of them in your pitcher as well. Next is comfort in using. Although most of the pitchers do not require heavy maintenance, some are different. Avoid those. As it is an appliance that serves instant needs, it has to be easy.


As you can see, the water pitcher filter requires replacements very frequently, it is better not to invest a large amount of money in the first place. Sometimes, you might find few models which have affordable main filters but expensive replacement casings. Make sure, you are avoiding them. Moreover, I have uploaded a few months ago an article about how much should each category of filter cost, make sure to read that article before buying any of the filters.

Water pollutants:

If you are considering buying a pitcher filter as the only filter of your house, you must know what your water contains before buying it. Nowadays, many pitchers successfully remove most of the harmful pollutants. On the other hand, there are still pitchers that can only filter basic pollutants. As always, I will suggest you get your water tested before buying a pitcher.


Whatever it is, you should always prioritize over healthy water over everything. I hope my reviews, tips, and guidelines, will help you to buy the best pitcher out there. However, after considering all the options if you feel like pitchers are not a feasible option for you, feel free to go through our website. I have uploaded many other honest reviews like this. I am sure you will find the best option.


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