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Clear Housing whole house water filters are preferable for all kinds of customers. Whether you are looking for household usage or official usage, Clear Housing’s unique collection has the best products to offer.

Often, consumers worry about the water flow rate. In order to reduce the tension consumers, store replacement casings ahead of the time in large numbers. This is not only a hassle but also an issue of extra costs. However, Clear Housing’s advanced capacity ensures an excellent pace of water with its outstanding sediment traps. Along with the sediment traps, the spacious body of these casings makes sure that the consumers enjoy freshwater without interruption.

Apart from the size and sediment trap, there are other perks of this product. According to our consumers’ feedback Clear Housing also ensures a longer and better life for the appliances that depend on water. Since we know appliances like washing machines and dishwashers stops working due to excessive rust in water, the excellent sediment filtration of the Clear Housing whole house water filters ensures extraction of rust from water.

Again, pricing and budget is an essential issue for every consumer out there. Not to worry, clear housing filters and casings are winners in this segment too. Their huge range of designs offers all kinds of products in all price ranges. Thus, you will not feel deprived or overly charged. As I am sure every consumer will find something suitable from their range.

Clear Housing water filters is so desirable because it helps to keep your appliances good as new since it is a sediment filter. As I have mentioned before sediment filters extract rust and iron from water, hence the appliances are not affected. However, if sediment is not your water’s problem check our website. We have an honest review of several whole house water filters. Check them and buy your desired product today!

What is a whole house water filter?

I am sure, you are already interpreting from the name that this filter must purify the water supply of your entire household. If you are thinking like this, you are not wrong.  This filter actually helps to purify the water supply of your entire household. Generally, a whole house water filter is attached to the main water line. Thus, you get refined water from all the facets of your home. Let it be a kitchen or washroom. This is an excellent solution as all the problems are solved at a time. However, you should always consult an expert regarding installing issues if you are planning for getting one of these.

Why do you need a whole house water filter?

It is true that a whole house water filter is more expensive than other filtration solutions. On the contrary, it is an all in one solution. Installing this one filter will ensure fresh and clean water from all of the facets of your household. Now, you might think while it is necessary to have fresh water in your kitchen why would you need it in your washroom? Well, your water contains more contaminants than you know. Some of them might be harmful to your skin as well as hair. Often, people experience huge hair loss issues due to impure water supply. Thus, having a whole house water filter might be more helpful than you think.

How will you choose your Clear Housing whole house water filters?

Since there is a huge range of products available in the market you might get confused about which one is suitable for you. At first, you will have to know what is polluting your water. Not all water contains the same contaminants. Similarly, not all filters can purify all kinds of contaminants. Hence, a simple water test will help you to solve this problem. Once, you know what are the contaminants that are present in your water you will be able to choose your filter easily. Clear Housing whole house water filters help you to check easily.

Before I move on to the general contaminants found in water, I would like to mention that water softener and filter are two different things. A water softener only reduces the hardness of water, it doesn’t purify water. Thus, if you have a water hardness problem you may install a separate water softener, or you may get one of those filters which has a softener in it.

What are the common contaminants?

The three most found contaminants of water are discussed below:

Sediment: This is the most common form of contaminant found in water. These are visible dirt that you can extract such as sand, rust, etc. If the percentage of sediment is very high in your water, look for filters with multiple layers of filtration with the finest micron level. You must stay very particular about the micron level because some of the sediment particles might pass through if the micron level is not small. Read more: Best sediment filters for well water

Chlorine: Another most common contaminant, especially in municipal water is chlorine.  If the amount of chlorine is very high in your water make sure to get a carbon filter. Also, be careful about the filer quality because chlorine has many harmful effects. Besides, carbon filters are very effective to filter various kinds of chemicals present in water.

Iron: One of the prime reasons for discoloring of apparatus that depends on the water is iron. Floor, basins, even clothes get discolored. Besides, hair quality becomes very poor if excessive iron is present in water. If the level of iron is high in your water go for high quality

Now apart from knowing the dirt of your water, there are few other things you need to consider while buying a whole house water filter. Even though it might be overwhelming for you to choose a perfect filter, but there is nothing to worry about because we are here to guide you about everything.

Things to Consider:

The pace of water flows: While you are out for filter shopping, you will see the term GPM is mentioned on the packages. GPM stands for Gallon per Minute and considered a unit of water flow. This measurement indicates the amount of water that is filtered in a minute. Always buy a filter with high GPM if you want to enjoy an uninterrupted pure water supply. Undoubtedly, this is the most essential criteria anyone should consider before buying a filter.

Size of filter: I think there is nothing to discuss, you already know the bigger the better. This is because a bigger filter will hold more pure water at a time. This again means an uninterrupted pure water supply. Thus, go thoroughly through the specifications and check the diameter before purchasing your desired filter.

The capacity of filter: With a capacity of filter we are referring to the amount of water the filter is able to purify. This is essential because it is directly related to your replacement hassle. While buying a whole house water filter this capacity of filtering water should be high. As changing filter casing is a difficult job, and for an entire household, it is quite obvious you will need a lot of water always go for filters that have at least the capacity of 100,000-150,000 gallons.

Size of port: 1” is the ideal port size for a whole house water filter. Port is essential because the port handles the water supply. Thus pick a durable port.

If you are careful about these things your experience of the whole house UV water purifier will be smooth.

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