Different types of water filters in the market

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Different types of water filters in the market: Obviously, everyone wants to buy the best product available in the market for themselves. However, it depends a lot on how much you know about the product. Such as, you must know how many categories they are available in, how much they might cost, which one is suitable for you.

If you take out time from your busy schedule and check our website, you’ll see we have covered almost all the concerns you might have before purchasing the best water filter. Although, this article focuses on different types of filter available in the market.

Different types of filter available in the market

Activated alumina-water filter

Activated alumina-water filters are made of the same constituent as ruby and sapphire except the coloring contamination. It is made of aluminum oxide (Al203). Fluoride, arsenic, and selenium are eliminated from the water with the help of activated alumina-water filters. Moreover, they can remove 99% of fluoride absorption from typical fluoridated water. These filters are affordable as well. Although, the pH level and structure of the water affects the filtering of the core element, aluminum.

Activated carbon water filter

These filters are also known as charcoal filters as well because charcoal is a form of treated carbon which is used to maximize the number of pores on them. These pores can filter the impure molecules of the water.

These filters are very popular for removing organic composites or chlorine from water due to its huge surface assimilation. These filters are commonly used in the household filtration systems.

In addition, they don’t require any electricity to function. However, they cannot extract minerals, salts, or mixed inorganic composites.

Ceramic filter

It can be interpreted from the name that these are made of ceramic. The mechanism that is used in these filters is quite simple. They have multiple numbers of small stomata on them, anything that is larger than these stomata are blocked or cannot pass through them. Hence the water becomes pure. Some of the ceramic filters are treated by silver as well.

They can effectively prevent mold and algae, and kill bacteria present in the water. Ceramic filters are unbelievably cheap and significantly durable. Moreover, they are very easy to install and use. However, they are not effective against viruses and can be very slow.

Reverse Osmosis filter

The mechanism of these filters heavily depends on the reverse osmosis or the RO membrane. The membrane consists of a lot of pores in it, which permits the water to run through it by extracting the pollutants in it.

These filters can be expensive compared to the other options available. However, they provide a more trusted and long lasting service. As I have already mentioned that the main mechanism depends on the membrane through these filters contain pre and post filters as well.

Consequently, reverse osmosis filters become immense filtration system compared to others. Moreover, these filters purify heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, and viruses at the same time.

This makes them superior to the other filtration system available in the market. These filters are usually preferred by everyone. Although they create a lot of wastewater and requires a very high pressure of water to function properly.

Water distiller filter

The mechanism used in these filters is known to be the most effective for the purification of water.  Firstly, the water is boiled into vapor. Afterward, when the vapor is cooled down to the form of liquid it is gathered into a container.

This is the water that you drink. Usually, water distillers are used in countertop models. These filters are although ideal for small families because they require a long time and electricity to function.

However, they are effective in killing bacteria and extract almost all the pollutants that might be present in the water. In addition, these filters can modify or upgrade the taste and smell of water. The cherry on the cake is, they do not require any replacement at all.

Ultraviolet water purifier

These filters use one of the most sophisticated mechanisms. They use the light of high incidence to treat water through a glass component. Consequently, when water passes through the component, all the living microorganisms die.

Hence, any parasites, bacteria, or viruses are killed. However, these filters do not extract heavy metals or chemicals from the water. Other huge drawbacks of these filters are they are very expensive and do not function without electricity.

All the Different types of water filters in the market use these filtration methods. Of course, the price and service depend on the mechanism you pick.

My personal opinion will be no matter which design of filter you are buying, let it be countertop, under-sink, or whole-house reverse osmosis filters are the best pick. Although filters that use reverse osmosis are a bit expensive they are worthy.


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