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The first smarthone with a fingerprint scanner on display is a fact

Last year, with fingerprint scanners, it was all tension and sensation. Many smartphone manufacturers switched to a borderless design resulting in a fingerprint scanner having no room at the front. This shifted to the instruments’ back because the scanner processing technology in the displays proved to be difficult. Now somebody finally managed to come up with a fingerprint scanner in-display. The winner? With the X20 Plus UD, not Samsung, but Vivo.

Collaboration with Synaptics on the fingerprint scanner

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer had curious visitors playing with the device during CES 2018 earlier this month. Ultimately, by collaborating with California’s touchpad and touchscreen developer Synaptics, Vivo was the first to develop an in-display fingerprint scanner. This announced earlier that a successful scanner has been developed.

No LCD except OLED

The Vivo X20 Plus UD is a good phone beside the in-display fingerprint scanner. It is fitted with an OLED display of 6.43 inches with 2160x 1080 resolution and comes with the common aspect ratio of 18:9. It must, of course, be an OLED screen, as the technology for processing the picture fingerprint scanner does not work with LCD panels. These displays operate with a backlight to make sure your fingerprint becomes a black surface and is not readable.

For now, China alone

The phone also comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset, a dual camera on the back and a good battery of 3,905 mAh. For now, it seems that in the coming era, the Vivo X20 Plus UD will only be accessible in China. The Chinese can fortunately pre-order the machine, even though the precise cost remains unknown. Probably we can count on a decent Vivo cost, though. You can watch this film from The Verge to get a taste of the smartphone just in case the smartphone comes to the USA.

Vivo is the most popular OnePlus sister business. And the new flagship murderer is already busy with this: the OnePlus 6. Recently, the smartphone manufacturer verified the new flagship’s first information.

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