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For the next ten years, iPhone X is not a flop, but a guide

The news recently contained some worrying reports about the iPhone X. The sales numbers were enormously disappointing, resulting in no longer producing the costly device after the collapse. You’d say this means the iPhone X has flopped, but Tim Cook sees it differently. The iPhone X does not flop, but as an instance for the next ten years ‘ iPhones, it does its work well.

iPhone X demonstrates the way

It may sound like a faint excuse, but it’s not the first time that the iPhone X is referred to as a guide for a fresh iPhone generation. When the device was proudly unveiled at Cupertino’s Steve Job Theater (and the newly introduced iPhone 8 was even bashed a little bit), Cook also announced the phone was showing the route of the next decade’s technology. That’s why the unit is packed with inventions of all types. Designer Jony I ‘ve defined the phone as a fresh chapter in the history of Apple the previous month.

Expensive iPhone doesn’t do anything wrong

Besides the fact that Cook has announced that the iPhone X is well fulfilling its role as a vision of the future, he also makes short reports of the disappointing sales figures. Figures from the analytics firm Canalys would show that in the last quarter of 2017 the iPhone X was the best-selling device. Moreover, the smartphone since its release which week would have been the best-selling iPhone.

It’s all relative

Of course, that sounds good, but it’s relative results, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the iPhone X is doing well. The fact that most of the device has been sold is not so bad in the last quarter. It is one of the few appliances introduced in the last quarter and generally runs a storm when it is introduced. It’s mostly about how a machine subsequently does it.

Well-received face ID

To placed the iPhone X even more in a good light, Cook instantly placed in the spotlight some nice characteristics of the device. The A11 Bionic chipset would be perfect for apps with augmented reality where you are not isolated like VR. In fact, it would reinforce and boost human efficiency. Also briefly stated was the quality of the camera and their 11 developer instruments. Users would have received the face ID very well and that’s good as all fresh iPhones would come with the face scanner.

Purchase or not buy?

So the iPhone X (intended or unintended) seems to be a step-up model for the new generation, but it will soon disappear to make room for the future iPhones. It might be a reason not to purchase it, or perhaps it is. In ten years, he could be even more costly as a collector’s product. Whether it disappears or not, you should be able to move forward ten years in principle if you have it. Unless, of course, at a specified time your device becomes slower.

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