History of water purification and filtration 

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History of water filtration: We all know about Egypt as the pioneer of civilization. Although enlightening the light of civilization was possible because of the Nile River. Back then, water was the source of life and livelihood. People used to build their houses around water, mark their territories, and so on. Even though water is still the source of life and livelihood, the ways of using it and preserving it have certainly changed. For instance, before there was any kind of civilization, people don’t use to purify water in any way to drink it. However, with time the practice changed.

At the very beginning of time, people used to just sniff and look at the water to decide whether to drink it or not. However, one of the group members used to taste the water before taking the ultimate decision. If that individual used to say that the water tastes fine, everyone used to drink water from that place. Although this method was feasible then as pollution during those time there was no pollution. On the other hand, people used to die or fall sick very easily back then.

Early methods of water purification:

During 4000BC people used to clean water with the help of charcoal. They used to pass water through charcoal wrapped ways and that used to make the water less leaden. Soon after that, realization grew among people about the fact that the ongoing method wasn’t enough. As a result, they started to apply other methods for filtering water. Such as blistering, rinsing, or keeping the water open sunlight for a long time. However, these methods were considered useful, apart from boiling or blistering none of them was effective.  During the 1700s, water purification became a potential method of eliminating visible pollutants. During the 1800s, sand entered the market as a potential method of cleaning water. Moreover, during that period scientists realized for the first time that only visible pollutants don’t need filtration, water has some invisible pollutants as well

Huge revolution in the process of water filtration:

During the 17-1800s cholera was an incurable disease. Soon it turned into an epidemic. While many people were dying out of cholera, scientists discovered this was an aquatic disease. Water with sewage pollutants was the source of this disease. All the above described methods were somehow effective to make the water look clearer, but they were not enough to disinfect them. During 1826, Henry Doulton invented the modern day’s ceramic filter. He also received a knighthood in 1887 for this contribution.  After many years, during 1908 another great invention was made in the USA, which was the discovery of Chlorine, a substance that is still used today for filtration.

Industrialization and filtration: 

As time passed, industrialization increased and so did pollution. Water slowly started to contain many more pollutants that were not natural anymore rather man-made. Thus, the available filtration procedures were not enough anymore.  On the other hand, with growing industrialization, there was growing technological advancement. As a result, it was easier for the scientist to make discoveries that would be able to fight these new and more harmful pollutants.

History of water filtration of Today’s picture :

With time, industrialization wasn’t the only problem to deal with. People’s immunity system changed, so did water. Hence, the scientists had to make many more advancements to secure healthy drinking water. However, these days various types of filtration with advanced methodology are available in the market. I would say all of them are not reliable, but most of them are. All you have to do is to research properly before buying one. If you go through honest reviews about best water filter that are provided on our website and test your water so that you can know what you need, you will find a great filter for yourself.

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