How much is a water filter

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How much is a water filter: Definitely, when you want to purchase something, you want it to be budget friendly. However, you should not compromise with the quality of your purchase in order to be budget savvy. Keeping that in mind, our research team created a wonderful list for each category of filters, which consists of the best products at the best possible price.

How much does a water filtration system cost?

However, before purchasing your filter, you must know what its price range is. Having that in mind, I have made an outline of each category of filters and how much it might cost. Hopefully, this will help you to make your best purchase.


Pitcher water filters are the cheapest kind of filters. They can be bought at the price of $7 to $50. The variations of the price depend on dimensions, designs, and structures of the filters. You must know there are pitchers water filters that can filter 5-10 cups. However, others can filter 18-23 cups of water. The ones that filter 5-10 cups of water can cost $10-$24, and the ones that filter 18-23 cups of filter might cost $28-$50.

Faucet-mounted water filter:

Faucet-mounted water filter are two-three staged. The installation of these filters heavily depends on the shape of the faucet though they are easy to install. These filters are relatively cheap as well. They are available at a price range of $15-$50. Although there are some outliers, might cost up to $100. Some of these come with an electronic filter gauge.

Countertop water filter:

Countertop water filters are quite similar to the Faucet-mounted water filter. However, the filtering components of these filters are placed on the counter. These filters naturally cost from $30-$300.

Under-Sink water filter:

Under-Sink water filters are priced on the basis of capacity, numbers, and types of pollutants they can remove. Their price range starts at $100 and ends at $600 or more sometimes.  On the basis of design, these under-Sink water filters are exactly opposite to the countertop ones. Because the filter casings are designed in such a way, that these can be installed under the sink. Therefore, they do not hamper the décor of your kitchen. Generally, these filters either use a carbon filtration process or a reverse osmosis process.

The installation process usually involves cutting into the main plumbing line. Hence installing these might cause you some additional charges. Naturally, the under sink filters with two staged filtration process is cheaper than the ones with three or four stages of filtration.

If you consider buying an under sink water filter with two stages of filtration along with an indicator it should cost you $290-300. In addition, expert’s help for installation should cost you within $100-$300. Thus, it will cover up within $600.

Whole-house water filter:

Whole-house water filters are widely known as the point of entry filtration system as well. Because a whole house water filtration system, filters the water when it enters the pipe. Consequently, you will receive pure water from all the taps. This explains the name “Whole-house water filter”.

These water filters usually cost $400-$1,500. Although the price may increase if you purchase any additional equipment, such as; water softener, tankless water heater, or a reverse osmosis membrane.

In addition, you will definitely require a professional plumber to install it. This might cost $100-$500. However, the good news is that there are few manufacturers who arrange for the plumbing service, which usually cost less than hiring someone from outside.

Additional costs:

  • Water testing: At first, to decide which kind of water filter do you need or do you need a filter at all you must test your water. If you test your water at university labs the cost will be very insignificant. However, if you decide to test your water at private labs, that might cost you around $50-$500. This variation of the cost will depend on the numbers and categories of composites tested.
  • Installation: After testing your water, if you decide to install a type of filter that needs to be installed from the plumbing lines of your home then it is better if you call for professional help. It might cost a bit at the beginning, but you will be saving many more extra costs by doing this. A professional plumber’s help will not cost you more than $100-$500.
  • Replacement: Whenever you are installing a water filter at your home, you must keep it in mind that you will require replacements. Sometimes you might require it quicker than you expected. Therefore, you must always be ready to buy a new replacement casing. However, my suggestion will be, to store some extra replacement casings. In this way, you will always remain prepared.

Lastly, make sure you don’t have to switch the whole filtration system once you install one. To avoid it, do not forget to go through our reviews and pick the one that would be the best for you.

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