How to change/replace your drinking water filter

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How to change drinking water filter : Whoever uses water filters has to go through the hassle of changing or replacing it. Although for some people the whole changing procedure is less hectic in comparison to others. Because the replacing process for all kinds of water filters is not the same. Fortunately, some filters require less hassle than others. Now, I will discuss the changing procedures of all the filters. Hopefully, you will be able to pick the most convenient one for you after reading all the procedures.

 Whole house water filter:

Generally, we install a best whole house water filter with the main water supply. As a result, it filters and delivers pure water through all the water compartments of your house. This is why; it has another name which is the point of entry system. One of the biggest privileges of these kinds of filters is they are an all in one solution. Once you install them you don’t have to worry about anything else. However, it requires changing as well

How will you understand that your whole house water filter requires changing?

Usually, the filter’s pace of water delivery gets slower. This is because the pollutants jam the mesh or net. Moreover, your water’s taste and smell might change too.  Fortunately, most of the whole house water filters casings last for three to six months. This heavily depends on your water quality as well.

How to change a whole house water filter casing?

Even though installing a whole house water filter for the first time requires an expert’s help, replacing its casings do not. Most of the time, there is clear information available on the product booklet. Commonly, the process requires four steps. At first, turn off the water flow and give some time so that the remaining water inside the system can drain away. With the help of a wrench, detach the filter casings. Lastly, insert the new casings and twist them back into position.

However, the common procedure might not apply to complicated designs. Thus, it is wise to keep your user booklet safely.

  • Reverse osmosis water filter: Any filter, whether a whole house or the best under sink water filter can be a reverse osmosis filter. The specialty of these kinds of filters is its membrane. To summarize, any kind of filter with a reverse osmosis membrane is a reverse osmosis filter. Thus, your RO filter will have other casings, which has a different timeline and procedure of changing. However, in this section, I will only cover the reverse osmosis system membrane.

How will you understand that your reverse osmosis membrane requires changing?

First of all, the water flow will slow down. This is a very common symptom. Moreover, you might notice leakage in your membrane. Also, you should check your membrane if you notice your tap is making more sound than usual. Although reverse osmosis membranes are very expensive, they last for quite a long time. Approximately, one membrane will serve you for twenty-four months. However, this depends on the pollutant level of your water.

How to change a reverse osmosis membrane?

To be honest, replacing the RO membrane is a tricky process. Hence, if you are not confident it is better to call out for help. However, it requires eight steps usually and I will give you a summarized idea. At first, you have to detach the tube from the membrane cap. You will have to push it out in a delicate manner. Next, you will have to detach the membrane from the cap.  At this point, if you want you can clean both the tubes and membrane holding caps. Now, it’s time to install the new membrane.

At first, make sure your membrane is perfectly inserted inside the rings. Next, fit the membrane holding caps into the tube. And lastly, replace the tube to its original place. Besides, you can push a bit more to be sure whether your tube has fallen back into the right place or not.

You must remember, this procedure may not work for every design. This is just a commonly used method.

  • Under sink water filter: Having the name in mind, you can assume this filter’s place is under or below any sink. Generally, these are installed under the kitchen. Hence, the water supply of your kitchen remains fresh and pure. Like any other filters, under-sink water filter fight against harmful pollutants. However, the fresh and germ-free water comes out only from the compartment under which it is installed.

How will you understand your under sink filter requires changing?

Just like any other filter, the delivery speed of water will decrease. Also, you might see a change in the color of the water. Most commonly, leakage appears. Generally, the under sink water filter casings last around three to six months. Again, I must say the life span depends a lot on the pollutants present in your water.

How to change under sink water filter casings?

Honestly, this is very easy to replace. Often, an expert’s help is not necessary to install for the first time even. Firstly, make sure your water line is switched off. Next, open the casings with the help of a wrench. I suggest you cleaning the whole area once you open the casings. Lastly, when you are done with the cleaning place back your new casing according to the ring, and tighten it up with a wrench. Don’t forget to use the proper screws.

I hope this detailed article about the replacing system of the most used filters will help you in your daily life in the future.

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