How to clean water filter pitcher (Effective Tips)

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How to clean water filter pitcher

How to clean water filter pitcher: Often we turn towards a water pitcher filter, for its handiness and convenience. No matter how handy it is, it requires some maintenance too. One of the major parts of its maintenance is its cleaning. While your filter does its job of cleaning water, you should not forget your duty to keep the filter clean. As the pitcher filter is extremely handy, it is easier for it to get dirty. Even though, the thought of cleaning may give you the cramps, trust me it is easier than you imagine. Besides, the cleaning does not require any fancy equipment that is not always available at home.

Necessary Equipment:

  • Water
  • Sponge
  • Vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Kitchen towel
  • A new filter ( that you want to attach after the cleaning)

Now, I will describe the method elaborately. Hence, you will not have any problem when you will clean your best water filter pitcher.

  1. Separate the pitcher: At first, you have to pour away the water inside it (if there is any). Next, you will have to detach the entire filter into parts. Make sure you do this every six months.
  2. Delicate pieces first: After detaching the whole filter, you must wash the lid and the reservoir. For washing these use dish soap and lukewarm water.
  3. Wash the blight: Even after washing with soap and lukewarm water, if you feel any blight or remaining just attack them with a teaspoon of vinegar and water. Apply the mixture on your scrub and wash up with strength.
  4. Wash and dry: After, you are done with all the scribing and attacking, just wash the whole thing with normal water. Do not forget to rub it with a clean kitchen towel. Also, its best to leave it idle for an hour after the procedure.
  5. Preparation of the new filter: While you will leave the reservoir and the lid to dry, do some homework. Make sure you know everything about installing the new filter. Check that you have all the things necessary for fixing the new one. Besides, you know thoroughly what it takes to install a new one.
  6. Attach the pitcher: At first, as you detached the whole filter now you will have to place everything back again. Although it may sound difficult it is just like putting back puzzle blocks. A puzzle whose answer you already know. However, make sure to throw away the water of your pitcher as long as any carbon dust is visible. Generally, if you throw away water from the reservoir for 3 times, you won’t notice carbon dust anymore.

Besides these things you should also know that if your pitcher is designed for keeping in refrigerator, and your refrigerator does not have a counter specially designed for a pitcher, it is highly likely that your pitcher will grow algae more often. In that case, you can clean your pitcher more frequently as in once in two weeks.

Last but not least, if you haven’t bought a pitcher, yet you are willing to buy and researching it then don’t forget to visit our website. Our website contains a list of few best water filters pitchers which are not only mind-blowing but also affordable. Besides, I can assure you that the reviews are honest as they are written based upon the practical experiences of our team members. I hope, my cleaning technics and reviews of our team will make your daily chores a little bit easier. After all, this is why we run research and we write so that you can know about the real scenario and make your daily life easier.

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