iOS 11.3 preview: more animoji, ARKit expansion, health and more…

Despite the recent release of iOS 11.2.5, Apple is already looking ahead to iOS 11.3 published in March. It’s going to be a significant release with many fresh features. There are fresh an emoji (rawr!) for iPhone X holders, ARKit is being extended and the chance of disabling the delay feature which prevents a poor battery, of course.

Application for health expansion

Health is a growing market for Apple and the Health app is expanding significantly in iOS 11.3. A medical file is sent to the app. Health will be able to record medical information in the near future in addition to data from activity trackers and apps. You can not enter this information on your own, this must be done by clinics and hospitals. Apple already works with a number of hospitals in the United States, but not yet in the United States.

More iPhone X emoji

iPhone X owners can look forward to receiving fresh an emoji. There are added four fresh emoji that follow your face. It’s about a lion, a dragon, a bear, a skull. There are going to be 16 different characters in total.

ARKit is being upgraded substantially

Apple’s Augmented Reality structure is also expanding. iOS 11.3 introduces ARKit 1.5, which, in relation to horizontal, can acknowledge vertical surfaces. Soon it will be possible not only to place a virtual object on the floor but to display something on the walls as well. In addition, it is possible to convert posters or other items into objects of augmented reality. For instance, that’s great in museums. ARKit 1.5 also provides a greater resolution of 50 percent and supports autofocus for better outcomes.

Business Chat: Corporate iMessage

Apple will also use iMessage for company use in relation to consumer communication. For problems such as client contact, service and sales, businesses can use iMessage from iOS 11.3 under the name Business Chat. Also accessible for company reasons are a number of extra instruments, such as the capacity to pay, create appointments and normal responses.

Insight and battery control

There’s been some slowing down of old iPhones lately. Apple slows down an iPhone’s processor with a battery worn out to extend battery life and prevent failure. When this’ iPhone brake’ goes into effect, iOS 11.3 will demonstrate you: maximum velocity with the danger of failure and brief battery life, or less power and excellent battery life.

Even smaller improvements in iOS 11.3

Apple Music gets a comprehensive music video collection. Now the offer is still restricted, but with a comprehensive, ad-free library, Apple comes in iOS 11.3.
HomeKit is supported for authentication of the software. This makes it simpler for companies to create current accessories for a smart house compatible with Apple’s scheme.
Advanced Mobile Location Support (AML). If you call an emergency number, this will automatically send your location to the emergency center. In the Netherlands, this is not yet working.
iOS 11.3’s first (public) beta will come out in February. The final version will have to be accessible in March. This article is still being updated.

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