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Why Apple’s successor of 6.1-inch iPhone X will break all records

Apple fan or not, nobody can deny that last year’s iPhone X kept people busy and the device is still the subject of new excitement and sensation on a regular basis. Because of the high price, the iPhone X wasn’t the whole new thing that everyone had to bring in, among other things. That honor appears to be reserved for the upcoming iPhone LCD this year.

iPhone X: fulfilled mission

Certainly, the iPhone X hasn’t performed terribly badly, and many millions of phones have passed the counter. Apple is planning to stop manufacturing the phone in the fall, though. Tim Cook says the smartphone was meant to be an instance of where the iPhones will go in the next ten years. The manufacturing stop may not have anything to do with anticipated sales numbers, and the iPhone X has already played its part… Or perhaps there’s something else there.

OLED panels a lot more expensive

The phone that can perform the part that individuals have effectively allocated to the iPhone XS is the only iPhone that will be published with an LCD screen this year. Of course, an OLED screen comes with a lot of advantages, but a major drawback of the iPhone X’s OLED panels is that they came from competitor Samsung and there was a lot to count for. The displays are therefore the notch device’s most expensive part. On the other side, LCD panels would turn out to be much cheaper for Apple, and Apple is not only planning to buy OLED panels from Samsung this year, of course.

Positive for producers of LCD

The advent of the LCD iPhone could be quite positive for the Japan Display LCD maker, according to well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. With the advent of the iPhone X and the reality that all fresh iPhones and more and more Android devices would change to OLED, there were some issues in the LCD globe. With the introduction of the fresh LCD model, however, it looks a little brighter now.

LCD iPhone for upgraders with frustration

Many people would have liked an iPhone X, but they didn’t go for it because of the unlikely elevated cost. However, Apple would have a 6.1-inch phone this year with the same characteristics as the iPhone X, but a cheaper LCD display. This device is anticipated to fly over the counter like hot cakes and may set a fresh record. Finally, many frustrated individuals will be able to get an iPhone X “sort of.

Evil villain master laughs

Maybe that was the whole time Apple’s plan and that’s why the business was going for such an absurdly high price. Any subsequent phone that is cheaper will appear much more interesting compared to the iPhone X. A little bit what McDonald’s does, for instance, with parts of fries or coke cups. Few individuals go for the biggest and most costly choice, but individuals generally go for the medium massively.

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