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Deceptive sales of iPhone X are a huge blow to Samsung

It has been said for months that the iPhone X will break all records. It was anticipated to have a so-called supercycle. In other words: a device that makes sure the masses decide to upgrade to the recent model en masse. Samsung and Apple were anticipated to come through. Samsung yes, because the iPhone X OLED panels are made by the Korean manufacturer.

Sell disappointing iPhone X

Now it seems analysts have overestimated the device’s impact. Demand was expected to decline in an already saturated market. Yet no one dared predict the iPhone X’s popularity would drop so fast. With all its implications: Samsung’s plans to expand its OLED manufacturing are allegedly abandoned.

Where the first issue was whether Samsung was at all able to maintain up with the issue, the reverse issue now occurs. The general credible Korean publication The Investor. claims this The canceled plans are a direct consequence of the iPhone X’s disappointing sales, according to sources from the Korean newspaper. In January, production was already decreased by 10% compared to January 2017.

Samsung is feeling the blow

China is home to the gigantic factory. OLED screens are normally produced around 135,000 per month, most of which go to Apple. But that’s just too much for the first time in years. It again shows how directly dependent on each other are Apple and Samsung. Apple may be able to boost sales, but the financial figures for this quarter of Samsung appear to be getting a blow for now.

In addition, at the end of this year, Apple is not expected to be dependent on the manufacturer. When your biggest competitor knows exactly what you’re doing, it’s not pleasant. That’s why the tech giant over the past year has been busy finding alternatives. At the end of this year, LG will be involved in a large scale for the three iPhones. Samsung no longer holds a year ago’s negotiating position.

So as Samsung, this is bad news for Apple. The Korean manufacturer is in talks with several major Chinese smartphone manufacturers, according to The Investor. The tech giant hopes to compensate for the deceptive sales of the iPhone X by concluding deals with these sides. Here’s all about the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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