You can therefore transform your ancient iPhone into a minimalist phone function

Every year or every two years, many individuals bring a fresh smartphone and iPhone when they need to extend their subscription or move to a fresh supplier. If you enjoy iPhones, you may still have an ancient model somewhere that collects dust. You can transform this well-organized into a function phone thanks to a convenient Reddit user.

Phone interface between stupid phone and smartphone

Between a stupid phone and a smartphone, there is a feature phone. If you just call and text with a stupid phone, you can also use a feature phone to access the internet. However, the comprehensive functionality of a smartphone does not come with a feature phone. A growing group of people are fed up with a smartphone’s bustle and are considering a feature phone. Furthermore, feature phones for seniors are often more pleasant to use. They are simple and easier to comprehend, therefore. So if you want to keep in touch with your grandmother or grandfather, but don’t feel like a smartphone that’s incomprehensible, a function phone is an excellent choice.


If you’re interested in feature phone and still have an ancient iPhone that you don’t use, Reddit user Qualtza has created a useful tutorial to transform your old device into a feature phone. For this, he utilizes an iPhone 4 and at least you need iOS 7.1.2. The first stage is to jailbreak your device. Numerous websites online, such as jailbreaking.nl, illustrate how to do this

Turn everything off

Then you plunge into your environments to tackle it all. For instance, all notifications are disabled to simplify the device and iMessage is discontinued. Also losing ground are the place services and the Background App Refresh. In this way, notifications and all kinds of crowds don’t always bother you (or grandpa). What you want to accomplish are simplicity and overview.

New apps

It’s time to download some “prohibited” applications via Cydia as a third phase. You can find all kinds of apps here that you can’t install usually on your computer but after a jailbreak. The tutorial provides you a complete list of applications, with Homescreen Designer and Springtomize 3 being the most important. HomescreenDesigner makes sure your home screen looks tighter and you’re going to tackle icons with Springtomize 3, among other stuff.

All in all, it would take you a couple of hours to complete your mobile project function. You can discover the complete tutorial on Reddit if you want to go for it. But if you’re too lazy, you can purchase a feature phone, of course.

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