Oukitel U18

Oukitel U18: iPhone X lookalike costs 160 usd for a temporary period

Oukitel U18 is a Chinese brand that remains remarkable. They may be known from the Oukitel K10, a device with a battery of 10,000 mAh. We can safely call that striking in a world where most smartphones fluctuate around 3,000 mAh. Now a fresh device is coming from the manufacturer, the Oukitel U18. The focus is evident: copy the iPhone X from Apple.

Oukitel U18: lookalike for iPhone X

We have lately written a copy of the Chinese brand Noa’s iPhone X. In the coming months, the market is anticipated to be flooded with weak excerpts from tech firms you’ve never heard of. They often run on Android, but in the beginning, it is hard to distinguish the software from iOS.

This picture doesn’t match the Oukitel U18. The phone on the front is a copy of the iPhone X in terms of design. The supplier does not, however, attempt to inform you that you have an iPhone in your hand. It’s really an Android smartphone that has to impress itself as well. But what kind of requirements do we need to address?

The extremely lengthy screen is the first thing you notice. It’s the first 18:9 aspect ratio smartphone. That’s precisely the format you often see in the movies. So in theory, without having to cope with black edges, you can watch films on it. That, at least on paper, makes the visual picture a little more impressive. A different specification, unfortunately, throws a spanner in the works.

The Oukitel U18 has a 5.85-inch display with’ only’ 720p HD. With that resolution, you’re not going to experience the promised audiovisual revolution. Moreover, at the time of writing, little content was optimized for this image format. Apps, for instance, will rarely use it.

Limited edition very cheap

The screen, however, is certainly the entire reason this device exists. The Oukitel U18 is instantly reminiscent of the iPhone X thanks to the notch. An iPhone X longer. But, sadly, that illusion collapses once you tilt the smartphone. The thicker frame is unable to match the layout of Apple. But yes, we’re not dealing here either with a very costly flagship.

The MediaTek MT6750 T, combined with 4 GB of memory, 64 GB of storage memory and a 4000 mAh battery, is under the hood. Well, not the highest-end composition, but sufficient to get through the day.

You can buy this phone about seven times for an iPhone X’s cost. The U18 Oukitel will cost only $159.99. So long as you’re there before February 7. Then you must deposit 179.99. Only 999 copies are manufactured, according to manufacturers. A stylish limited edition or a low-interest marketing trick? Maybe you understand the response. Check this Samsung Galaxy S9 copy as well.

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