Secrets of Backpacking Water Filters to Complete tasks

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Secrets of Backpacking Water Filters: A best backpacking water filter is a pump-based best water filter for a traveler that eliminates particulates, protozoa, and bacteria down to 0.2 microns in size, as well as giardia, salmonella, and cryptosporidium. This water filter typically relies on either ultraviolet light or chemicals to remove viruses.

Secrets of Backpacking Water Filters

Types of waterborne threats

In earth, microscopic pathogens can be contained by any water source. Diarrhea and other dehydration-including symptoms are produced along with many other diseases by microorganisms. There are certain pathogens that can last for a long time.

Three pathogens which can last for months are described below:

Bacteria: Various types of bacteria that cause diseases such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, and many others including Escherichia coli in short E.coli can easily cause us various troubles by getting mixed up with waters. So, a backpacking water filter helps us to remove this kind of bacterial waterborne microorganisms and filter It out.

Viruses: Rotavirus and norovirus including the Hepatitis virus can get easily mixed up with water. As they are very small in size smaller than protozoa and bacteria, it is very much difficult to filter them out. They are the main constituent which plays a major part in causing us various diseases. So, it is very necessary for us to filter this virus out and make the water clean.

Protozoa: Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium parvum are included in this section. Protection against certain chemicals is seen by protozoa as they have a hard outer cyst. As they are relatively large it is easy to filter them out by this filter.

Hazardous signs in a water source:

  • Water at downward elevations
  • The activity of any domestic animal
  • Signs of prolonged human visit
  • Dirty snow which indicates human visits

Functions of a backpack water filter

Without any doubt, nowadays the most convenient water filters are backpacking water filters. Instead of pumping water by so hard work, this method requires a very minor effort. This type of water filter can filter up to four-liter of water at once. This filter also has a speedy flow rate which is 1.75 liters in a minute. This type of filter is very much suitable and helpful for large groups. This time of water filter is very efficient and less consuming.

People who go for hiking and traveling in mountains, higher grounds or in any challenging places can take this backpack filter as the best filter because this filter is easy to carry and portable to use. Moreover, this filter is widely used only because of its best filtration technique. Also, it is easily available in the market and online stores at reasonable prices. The designs are also very attractive so that customers get easily attracted and custom designs are also available so customers can design their own backpack water filters and thus enjoy using it.


Advantages of a backpack water filter

There are various technologies that are used in the backpack water filter. The most astonishing advantage of a backpack water filter is the hollow fiber membrane. Another advantage is the compatibility and the lightweight factor that plays as a major advantage of the backpack water filter.


The hallow membrane water filter consists of tubes like tiny straws that are bundled together and that acts as a filter for this backpack water filter system. There are certain pores inside the fibers which are so microscopic and which are completely invisible in the naked eye. This hollow fiber technology is obviously more delicate than other types of water filtration technologies. There’s MSR Guardian purifier is a hollow fiber treatment which is a kind of advanced fiber and which makes the filtration system strong.

Some of the best features of the backpacking water filter

  • It is light weighted
  • Compact design than other filters
  • Turns brown muddy water to crystal clear water instantly
  • Have an incredible pace of flow
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Great customer service provided with every backpacking water filter
  • Huge capacity to store and execute
  • Above all, it has a certain certification that most of the other filters don’t have
  • Suitable for any or every situation
  • Turns dirty muddy and polluted water into crystal clear
  • Long-lasting along with suitable maintenance
  • Easy to carry
  • Suitable in any environment
  • Swift performance
  • No extra effort or pumping is necessary

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Some points to choose the right and best backpacking filters

Squeeze water filters:

This is a single-stage filter. They are most operative against bacteria and protozoa. Though, they do not destroy viruses. They work best when the spring water is low in physical impurities and organic matter. Because high physical contaminants and organic matter might reason blockage. In accumulation, their water movement depends on the type of water. If the squeeze purses are not frequently cleaned or flushed it affects their swiftness of water outflow.

Gravity and Parallel water filters:

Firstly, these filters can provide a huge amount of freshwater. In order, these filters have two bags. One is a dirty water bag or the tank, the other is the freshwater bag. Most of the tank embraces up to 4 liters of water. Next, there is a single staged filter that cleans the water.

Chemical water purification:

If you are looking for something very light weighted and awfully easy to use this should be your preference. They arise in liquid or tablet form. If you are preparing to buy one of these, you must go for the ones that consist of the chlorine dioxide function. These destroy bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. It takes 15 minutes to 4 hours to fully decontaminate the water. Nevertheless, they are a little bit expensive equated to other methods. Even though they are a little exclusive, they are favored by many hikers and adventure lovers.

Pump water filters and purifiers:

Pump water filters can abstract bacteria and protozoa. However, pump purifiers can excerpt viruses as well. These filters need external pumping to make the water transfer through it and purify it. Though, they are very immediate and easy to clean or replace. That is, if a part of it breaks functioning you don’t have to substitute the entire filter. Only the damaged part can be replaced.

Bottle and straw water filters:

These filters also custom single-stage filters. Operators only need to take a sip right from the storage filter. There is no need to allocate it to any other pouch.


In addition, constantly backflushing the hollow fiber filter will help ensure the top flow rate. At last, you can enjoy lots of fresh and clean water, wilderness water on every adventure.



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