Types of water filter for home

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Types of water filter for home: Among the varieties of water purifiers, we have in our markets, only a hand full of them is suitable for residential usage. I have made a descriptive discussion about those in my article. Hopefully, this will help you to pick your ideal water filter.

Types of water filter for home

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Pitcher water filter

Pitcher water filters   are widely available in almost every household of America, and the thanks go to their unbelievable price. These filters are not only affordable but also portable.

The portability is the unique feature of a pitcher filter. Usually, these filters have two sections, the upper half and the lower half. Where the upper half is the activated carbon filter and the lower half is the container.

Water goes through the upper part, gets pure, and is collected in the container. These filters have a very limited capacity to purify water at a time.

Another huge problem of these filters is they are slow. However, they will serve you great to meet your instant needs at the kitchen, namely for cooking. Definitely their portability and price keep them in the edge.

Faucet water filter

Clearly the name suggests that these filters are fixed to the faucet and it is true. These compact filters are directly attached with your kitchen tap.

They instantly filter the water and provide pure water for cooking and washing. The faucet water filters are very popular throughout the households because they make the kitchen a safer place.

Moreover, these are inexpensive and easy to use. Although before buying these, please make sure these are according to your faucet size, because they will not work if they do not get fixed to a faucet according to their size.

Shower-head filter

Just like faucet filters, these filters are fixed with shower heads. Often, they come in the shape of shower heads. These are mostly used by people of areas where the water contains a huge amount of fluoride or chlorine.

Definitely, by using these filters you will get better skin and hair. In addition, many users have claimed that their hair falls reduced after using these filters.

The shower head filters are very affordable and easy to install, although they might affect the pace of water flow.

Under-sink water filter

These filters are designed to install under the sink. Usually, these filters are compactly designed, so that they can fit under the space of a sink easily. In this way, they do not affect the décor of your interior.

Although these filters are not mobile or inexpensive, they provide better service compared to the other filters described above.

These filters do not only purify a larger amount of water in a shorter time but also extracts a lot more pollutants. However, these filters have another drawback along with their expenses, which is they are difficult to install. Most of the time an expert’s help is required to install them.

Counter-top water filter

These filters are just as opposite to the under sink water filters. Although they filter a quite less amount of water compared to the under the sink.

These filters usually come with small apparatus fixed with the faucet. They can, however, filter more water than a pitcher or a faucet water filter. These filters are of mediocre price.

Though I personally do not suggest these for households with small countertop space, because no matter how compact the design is, it will take up some space. Hence, your kitchen might get congested and you might face inconvenience while doing the regular chores.

Whole-house water filter

These filters are definitely one big investment which payoff really well. Whole house water filters are widely known as a point of entry filters as well.

This is because they are installed at the main point where water enters the household. Thus, the water becomes pure and then gets distributed by the various openings.

As a result, you do not need to install any other faucet or countertop filters as the water is already filtered. Moreover, they filter heavy leadschemicals, pollutants at the same time.

Although at the beginning you might find these filters a bit expensive for their price and installation price, in the long run, they give a great return.

No matter which filters you pick, you must keep a few more things in your mind. Here is a short list:

  • Kind of contaminants your water contains
  • How many members are there in your household
  • Why will the filter installation affect the regular water flow rate
  • How long the filter will serve you, compared to its price
  • How often you will need to replace the filters

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