Water filter vs. Bottled water | Which one is fit for families in terms of cost and quality?

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The quality comparison of water filter vs. Bottled water is indeed a controversial issue. Although some people believe that bottled water is better than filter water, in reality, it is not like that. In fact, sometimes it is said that bottled water is not as healthy as filter water. Hence, being better is not an option. Firstly, bottled waters are stored in plastic bottles. A possibility of chemicals leaching into the water from the plastic always remains there. In addition, The National Resource Defense Council has a report with the conclusion that bottled water is not any safer than tap water. Read this water filter vs. bottled water article and clear your concept.

Do you care about the environment?

We all know the fact plastic is not environment-friendly. However, bottled waters are available in plastic bottles only. These bottles ultimately end up in a junkyard. Therefore, by purchasing a filter for your home, you are not only drinking healthier water but also contributing to the betterment of the environment. If you are thinking of portability, then you can just purchase a Tupperware water-pot. In this way, whenever you are going for a walk or gym you can just fill the pot and carry it with you. Even I personally do that.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly option?

Undoubtedly, we all want the best for our families within a limited budget. But how cost-effective is bottled water in reality?

Mathematical Illustration:

Generally, we drink 8 glasses of water. Which is precisely 8 bottles of 500ml water bottles? Now, let’s assume you drink only 4 bottles of water instead of 8 bottles. Even then, you will drink 28 bottles in a week.

We know, there are fifty-two weeks in a very year. Hence, you will require 52*28=1,456 water bottles per year. On average, each bottle costs $6.00. Therefore, it will cost you 1,456*6=$8,736 in a year.

Again, if you calculate in terms of gallons, 1,456 bottles of 500 ml water bottles mean 193 gallons of water. Whereas, a whole house water filter or a reverse osmosis filter can purify 600,000 gallons of water. Generally, these filters cost around $600-$700. (A detailed article about the pricing of filters is available on our website with the heading “How much does a water filter costs”). Hence, you will be getting almost 3000 times more water at a 12 times lower price.

Moreover, I have illustrated only an individual’s expense through math. Imagine how much it will cost you if have a family of four. Thus, without any kind of further argument, we can say that a house filter is an ideal solution for families. Although bottled water is easily accessible, it is not appropriate for families

I want every consumer to make the best choice. Therefore, I have made a list, so that anyone reading this can go through the pros and cons of both bottled water and filter water in a glance.

Water filter vs. bottled water pros and cons

Water filter vs. Bottled water, Which one is fit for families in terms of cost and quality?

However, if you are living alone you can consider a pitcher water filter instead of a whole house water filter. It neither requires heavy maintenance as a whole house water filter nor as expensive as bottled water. An informative article about pitcher  water filters   is available on our website. Hopefully, this detailed article will help you to decide your best means of pure water.


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